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Last updated: October 4, 2019

Pascal’s Wager attempts to explain the belief in God by not appealing to evidence for his presence but with a plea for self-interest (Jordan, 2018). Pascal’s Wager attempts to defend Christian faith by bearing in mind the various potential significances of disbelief and belief in Christian God (Dougherty,2018). According to Pascal the belief in God if there is no god results to infinite gains as represented by eternal life in heaven and avoids infinite loss which is presented by ending up in hell. Pascal insists there are possible outcomes of belief and disbelief in God which then suggest that a rational person should live as if God exists if there is no god to continue having infinite gains and avoid infinite losses. God would accept a person who was merely been bettor into heaven. Ideally, to believe in God is a better bet than not believing in God, thus a better will simply be accepted in heavenFor those that are not able to come to faith they should learn of those who have been bonded like them and who they now stake their possession.

(Bartha and Pasternack,2018). These are people who know the way they can follow. God would accept this kind of person in heaven because even after having the inability to believe they are still trying hard so as to believe his existence.I would not have a complaint on those who merely bet on Gods existence when I find them in heaven. Ideally, actions can be enormously far-reaching while my understanding about their actions and concerns is flawed. Conclusively, Pascal has offered a rational reason for believing in the existence of God.

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Pascal Wager assumes that the only criterion for entering into heaven is Christian God the Christian belief in God and the only criterion to enter into hell is the disbelief in Christian God.


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