Part 01
a. Project Proposal

Here, Kamal Cables can be found as cable manufacturer who is based within Colombo district of Sri Lanka while having the buyers as leading electrical as well as telecommunications companies such as SLT (Sri Lanka Telecom) as well as CEB (Ceylon Electricity Board) along with LECO as well as foreign customers. Further, domestic purposes along with the industrial purposes have catered through 175 of main assortments as well as 400 of cable categories which are produced via the firm.
The organizational vision has become to “be as national leading type of electrical solutions supplier via imagination as well as the excellence along with the innovation”. Their mission can be seen as for “providing an integrated type of electrical solutions meanwhile inspiring their own workforce for embracing a quest over exceeding the overall customer expectations via developing high level of excellence on the products as well as the processes with the relationships meanwhile enhancing as well as maintaining its own loyal customers.” The overall values which would be concerned as significant can be seen as “the quality as well as the teamwork with the sustainable growth along with the customer attached solutions as well as equality and the continuous improvement with the overall environmental conservation” and so on.
The key raw materials within the firm have imported where its copper has imported via India or else Egypt, further, Aluminum would be imported through similar countries where its other key input can be seen as PVC that has obtained via Singapore as well as Vietnam. When it comes to concern about its operational process, the firm is appraising their orders firstly while designing the cables which are required via customers along with the process on the wire drawing as its first step where dies may draw preceded via heavy duty type of wire drawing as well as medium along with fine duty type of wire drawing. Here, annealing as well as Stranding and Bunching with the Insulation as well as Braiding and Sheathing may ensure that such cables would be manufactured as preferred manner where outputs may subject to Extruder process to enhance the rigidity. Further, it may send via spark tester where finished cables may pack as well as dispatch towards the customers.
The Confirmation towards the employer or the organization

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The overall project regarding the introduction on the lean management for the Kamal Cables is recognized like valuable benefit via its BOD (Board of directors). The overall expected benefits attached to the project like enhanced efficiency as well as the facility order and the better management along with the waste reduction may finally lead firm for achieving their vision as well as the mission. Therefore, long term oriented benefits which may accrue since the project would be expected for outweighing the overall costs incurred in terms of financially as well as socially.
When it comes to concern about the value addition for the firm with their stakeholders via the entire project would be considered for taking a kind of holistic appeal and thereby the management might be duly committed towards the function attached to deliver the relevant financial assistance with the informational as well as other main requirements with the purpose of carrying out the entire project in successful manner.
The Identification towards the business mentor

The relevant business mentor is possible to recognize as relevant plant production attached engineer. Here, the project mentor would have the required expertise as well as the experience with the theoretical awareness within the production technologies field and therefore, he may become as the mentor for the entire project. It would further expect to consult relevant mentor since the project begins continually.
The Description for the selected scenario with the reason to be as significant
When it comes to analyze about the successful manufacturing firms within globe, it has become a kind of apparent feature which they are using today modernized management techniques as well as efficient types of automation practices. The leading reason behind the overall success has become as the efficiency as well as the effectiveness which has created under such practices.
Here, the project has become as vital to the firm since it may enhance the overall efficiency of the factory via such proposed system on lean management. The overall effect on the firm has become as very broad since this affects over whole activities other than normally on the overall production efficiency. The effect over cost saving as well as the time element via elimination from such unnecessary work as well as costs would be vital for increasing the overall financial performance. Therefore, it may have positive effect over the count of physical production too. This overall project would be done with the purpose of further improving the overall kitting procedure through the system of wireless communication as well as information which is showing interface. This is further reducing the downtime 6.4% monthly. Due to the reduction of downtime, the overall monthly quantity of production has increased from 8000. Further, it has increased the overall organizational profits. Further, it would reduce the entire overtime of running relevant plant. As per calculations, entire steps which requires climbing may be eliminated because of project to traveler approximately 600 steps on each shift. This would increase overall satisfaction of the people. Further, it would safety people as the staircase would be made via metal. The overall cycle time with kitting process would be decreased as 25 minutes with comparing to previous 40 minutes that favorably effects over the production cycle too.
Such direct quantitative type of benefits would be associated amongst the significant qualitative type benefits. Such real time nature of information generation would have economic value as the managers can take informed judgments regarding different production attached issues. The overall supply team attached to warehouse would become aware about raw material requirements under production line timely way as the way that apparent type of production stoppages because of inefficient level of material supply can be overcome. Further, warning alarm would be incorporated with system as serving a kind of motivational tool. The overall system would be preliminary version attached JIT technique that is ensuring smooth level of raw material flow along with the accessories. This overall interface would be real-time type of information generator. When the kitting team is unable to complete such order during 15 minutes’ time period, the last 5 minutes would be remained shows as red color where alarm may ring as a kind of warning for all while being a motivational tool too. Under such system, specific traveler’s requirement would be completed one member within the kitting team. When one specific team member is having huge orders with comparing to others, the team could support each other for completing that order on time.

The Outline plan attached to project with timelines as well as brief description on each project stage

1. Discussion amongst the management team with getting relevant approval for inspecting as well as observing the relevant production plant
2. Visiting relevant production plant with identifying the overall automation requirement amongst the supply team as well as production line
3. Preparation of proposal of the project
4. Taking the project approval via management
5. Selection of vendors for buying the required electronic items as well as other main requirements to the project and technical labor for hiring from the company with taking the required approval on purchasing as well as hiring internalized type labor
6. Purchase of items via the chosen vendors
7. Preparation of interface with remote controller under required software programming
8. Layout changing within production line for establishing relevant interface
9. Installation of interface with antennas with doing the wiring segment within project
10. Carrying out a kind of awareness program to the people while training relevant production workers as well as warehouse workers regarding the overall system usage
11. Launching the overall automation project
12. Preparation of final report with the submission
Table 1 – The Outline plan related to the project

The relevant Time Line
Week 1 in June Week 2 in June Week 3 in June Week 4 in June Week 1in July Week 2 in July Week 3 in July Week 4 in July Week 5 in August Week 1 in August Week 2 in August
Table 2 – The project’s Time Line
b. Literature Review

Companies in the garment sector have implemented different automation processes for the kitting process and the results on the impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of the process had been mixed. It is important to analyze the process of automation and how significant it is in making the task of kiting workers towards contributing towards firm success. Not knowing the exact impact between both these goals, it is difficult to maintain an optimal balance between the cost on automation and the expected results. Managers may take these decisions mostly by using certain assumptions on the significance of the impact, outdated research findings or incorporating findings in foreign context. Due to this, the expected outcomes would not be achieved, arising many issues for firms.

Thus, there is a gap in research where there is limited number of studies focused on the impact of an automation process featured with an interface and its significance, to generalize the relationship to the specific process observed under the study. This study aims to add more to the existing literature regarding the subject area, highlighting the different approaches to automation, with particular attention to the interface featured system. Also an attempt is made to identify whether the particular automation process is supposed to bring effectiveness and efficiency to the kitting process thereby influencing on the physical output and time consumption. The study attempts to provide awareness to automation managers of the most important considerations expected to be fulfilled with an automation system that is featured with a user interface.
The importance of a good vision is a factor that is stressed to be important in the production function. Toyota Production system initiated the lean philosophy and it made a revolutionary change in the industry. This also stressed the need to be in line with the overall vision and the functional mission of the company. (Dennis, 2002)

One of the advantages with the lean system is the control over the production. Apart from this, it also helps in the consolidation of the enhancements in the operations and the cost reduction methods. Hence these techniques are very important as long term success factors. (Dennis, 2002)

The material feeding decisions are very crucial in an organization and the methods of feeding materials and the impact to the level of efficiency of operations and cost effectiveness are stressed in Johansson, 1991

Bozer ; Mc Ginnis 1992 stresses the significance of the kitting system and the importance of kitting system with compared to the delivery of materials using the component containers.

They have identified that “The practice of delivering components and subassemblies to the shop floor in predetermined quantities that are placed together in specific containers” is generally known as kitting.

Picking is referred to the action of displacing a product from the stores to the packing department with linking it to an actual order. Picking time is a major component in the lead time and those activities determine the methodology of feeding the assembly line. The variables such as the ordering frequency, acceptable delivery time and order structure which have an effect on the overall efficiency of the assembly line. (Tompkins, 1996)

According to Vujosevic (2008), “Kitting, when applied properly, has been observed to show numerous benefits for the assembly line. Since kitting involves the gathering of all parts together from the stock, and placing the “kit” to the assembly line, it involves a lot of possible sources of waste. From a lean philosophy point of view, this is worthwhile to think about to find out how the ways to lean kitting are possible.”

Everyone should have a thorough knowledge on his/her personal strengths, weaknesses in order to plan for the future by identifying the potential abilities and by taking precautionary actions for overcoming weaknesses. This would be the key to development and also for planning the future in order to reach particular goals and objectives in a precise manner.
Leadership behaviors
Leadership is the ability to drive a team of people to a particular goal with motivating and encouraging them. Behaviors like leading to a goal, motivating others to reach goals with stressing on the benefits, communication, caring others and respecting others have made me a good leader within the work place. The following abilities and behaviors associated with myself become the strengths for managing people.
The strong communication skills have made me a unique character which stands from the rest. The ability to communicate the required matters clearly with the fluency in multiple languages and the voice of strong personality is a major strength. Goal orienteers or self-motivation is another strength that drives towards the success thereby accompanying the team with using team spirit that is created with the strong relationships and sense of collectivity. Ability to be flexible to the different business contexts and to deal with different people is another strength in gaining success as a leader.
The sensitivity to the matters is a major weakness where even for a mistaken act or word makes myself totally regret. The strong sense of perfection is the major reason behind this weakness. When considering the knowledge gap, there is a gap because I am employed in the administration section and the knowledge on engineering aspects and processes is a lacking area.
Leadership style
The most suitable leadership style for implementing the project would be a situational leadership style where I have to be autocratic in getting the work done within given tight schedules and in dealing with theory X people as per William Ouchi’s model. The experienced experts would need less direction and advices and they prefer autonomy and thus with them I should be democratic. The new comers or the new project members should be dealt with a paternalistic style.
Improving effectiveness as a leader and marketer
A leader should always lead the team of members towards goal attainment. A marketer has to increase the awareness of a target audience about a work in the intended manner. The effectiveness as a leader and a marketer could be developed though the application of modern management techniques such as “Management by Objectives” where the team members could be agreed for several objectives as parts for achieving the main goal. “Management by Walking Around” is another way where as the leader, I should get into the actual work setting although it is a technical project and interact with the workers and identify issues and rectify them.
Objectives for personal development
• Study the warehouse process and the production lines with an observational study by the end of December.
• Study the online course offered by CFA Institute on modern management techniques by the end of December.
• Develop the ability to work under pressure in implementing the project amidst labor resistance and technological costs.
• Develop abilities to manage work under stress through organizing an outbound training for the employees and managers.
• Develop project management skills through the completion of the three month course on project management.
Determine and use appropriate assessment tools

The 360-degree assessment tool involves the feedback of a wide variety of sources which is then a complete assessment of the person.
Superiors should be able to observe and measure all facets of the work to make a fair evaluation. In some work situations, the supervisor or rating official is not in the same location or is supervising very large numbers of employees and does not have detailed knowledge of each employee’s performance. All the parties to the assessment need training on how to conduct performance appraisals. They should be capable of coaching and developing employees as well as planning and evaluating their performance. The overall assessment result from the peers reveal a positive comment that I am friendly with everyone with an outgoing personality that makes me more professional in the marketing field.


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