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Last updated: January 24, 2020

Parrot planes remain relevant. Although the parrot has many problems such as crashed, causing death to death and causing disbelief, but the parrot remains the number one in the heart of the country. Furthermore, the parrot can still be used again. Some even claim that the parrot is a coffin flying, it is not true at all. Nuri still remains relevant even though the RMAF has a replacement EC725 for a medium range mobility helicopter type. In the meantime, the RMAF currently has 27 parachutes and some will be handed over to the Malaysian Army.

Finally, what is unforgettable today? The services and sacrifices of parrot to the country are huge. It’s a pity for thousands of times if the country does not retire this parrot and it is also unfortunate if this parrot is sold to another country. What is more interesting is this parrot, a parrot helicopter can save people in the forest for example, like a native. Where, the parrot can carry passengers to an area to a safe area, for example, when Malaysia is flooded. Not only that, the parrot can also save us from fuel such as forest fires and so on. No one was able to replace him, but the parrot was still a parrot. Parents will not be forgotten anytime. At last, Nuri is powerful and successful.

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