Parental Engagement in the educational process can be a powerful lever for raising achievement in school. Good parenthood at home is vital. It is a safe and stable home setting that promotes children’s discipline and foster good attitudes towards school work.
Not all learning takes place inside of the classroom especially when the child is at a young age. Parents’ involvement and support in their child’s life is a preeminent component in ensuring that children get the education they need and deserve.
Lack of parental involvement in primary schools is a cause for concern and can no longer be ignored. Many teachers believe that parents who doesn’t have enough time or away from their children has negative impact on the child’s behavior and academic performance. They misbehave and perform poorly at school. The researcher observed the frustrations displayed by fellow educators when discussing the effect of parental involvement on learner performance. The problem has become a critical issue in meetings amongst colleagues’ and even in educators’ workshops. Often parents’ aren’t involved because they are working for a long hours and spend less time with their children. Some are not aware of ways on how they can help. Keeping parents informed on the curriculum, areas of the study and feedback on the child’s behavior towards school work give them some cognition about what is going on and makes them feel like they are capable of helping. It may also be helpful to suggest ways on how they can assist their children.
Nowadays, parents too are complaining about their children’s’ performance in school. Teachers have been criticized for the poor performance of pupils in schools forgetting that education is not only a teacher or school affair. It is a joint responsibility between parents and teacher creating a cooperative learning environment.
The purpose of the present study is therefore to evaluate the Academic Performance and parental involvement of Grade I pupils in District VI, Manila and intends to develop a proposed action plan to be used.


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