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Last updated: February 23, 2019

Paraphrasing for paragraph no 72.The women physical shape first, and then, as she is fit enough, fill her mind and solidify it with the kinds of knowledge and thoughts that will confirm her instinctive sense of justice and refine her natural mindfulness of love .She should have whatever knowledge will help her to understand the world’s work the work the men do and even offer some help It’s not urgently important that she knows many foreign languages, but it is extremely important that she is capable of showing kindness to a foreigner, or detect sweetness when a foreigner speaks.

It’s not important how many cities she can identify on a map, or how many names and dates she has memorized–the purpose of educating women isn’t to turn them into dictionaries or encyclopaedias. But a woman is able to discern the justice of divine reward, and glimpse through the darkness the fateful threads that connect deeds with punishment. She should be aware of what effect it would have on her if she were the one going through tragic circumstances, even when she doesn’t want to see them. She should have an accurate realization of the smallness of her life and her little world as comparedto the world God lives in and loves. Her prayers for her child’s fever or her husband’s headache shouldn’t be more keen than her prayers for the multitudes of the desolate and oppressed who have nobody to love them. How the women physical frame compare to knowledge of the mind.

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