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Last updated: March 1, 2019

PAKISTAN’s seventy years are replete with words such as ‘failed state’, least developing nation, corruption and a stagnating economy despite being geographically blessed, with diversified relief having majestic high Mountain ranges snow-covered peaks, eternal glaciers, and the inter-mountain valleys in the north. Irrigated plains in the Indus basin contrast with stark deserts and rugged rocky Plateaus in southwest Baluchistan. One is forced to ponder; But why? A childhood inquisition into finding an answer to this question is what introduces me to the world of Economics. Post graduation, my induction into prestigious government institution State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the Central Bank of country allow me to be a part of the Currency Management department where I am working on several different projects focusing on policy formulation as well as the implementation of a recently introduced policy to automate currency processes across the country.However, this in no way diminished my resolve to understand and evolve solutions for the problems As a matter of fact, my move to central bank was culmination of my desire to understand the grass root reality of the key issues plaguing the Pakistan economy.


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