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Page 1 of 8 Assignment no 2 (a-b) Submitted by: Muhammad Hamza Aslam Submitted To: Prof Salman Zaheer Reg No: F2017266041 Sec :C5 Due Date:8 october 2018 Principles of Marketing Page 2 of 8 Assignment 2a: Assignment Marketing Update: Article No: 2 “Block Ads” We Have All Been There- Ads That Take Over Our Browser, Redirect Us To Unwanted Websites And Forces Us To Download Some Apps. “Google Said It Had Blocked 1.7 Billion Bad Ads In 2016 And 3.

2 Billion Ads In 2017″. Recently Facebook Introduces “Mid-Roll” Ads Which Are More Annoying Than Blockings Ads. Just Imagine You Are Watching A Hilarious Video And In The Middle Of This Video You Are Forced To See The Food Ad No Matter If You Are Hungry Or Not. Now That Would Be A Painful Sight For All Of Us. Wouldn’t It? After Playing Ads On Google And Facebook, Marketing Experts Become So Possessive And Decided To Send Us Messages . In Pakistan, Food Deliveries Apps Are So Common Now-ADays So The Example Of One Of The Most Annoying Messages Is ” Ap Ne Khana Khaya?”.

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Some Bakeries Also Forces You To Place Order Through These Apps Rather Than Providing You Home Delivery. I Personally Uses Food Panda For The First And Last Time To Order Sandwiches And It Took Approx. An Hour To Get My Delivery And I Paid Rs200 As Delivery Charges For Ordering Sandwiches Worth Rs300. However, If I Went To That Bakery By My Own So I’ll Get That Sandwiches In 15 Mints In Rs300 Only Rather Than Paying Rs500. Im Not Against To Use These Apps But The Point Is Not Everything Is For Everyone So, Stop Annoying Us By Displaying Ads And Videos During The Videos We Are Watching.

Majority Of People Who Want To Order Worth Rs200 (The Minimum Order Limit) Are Not Willing To Pay Rs200 As Delivery Charges. Page 3 of 8 Article No: 1 “Marketing Myopia” “Marketing Myopia Is A Term Used In Marketing Which Has Been Written By Theodore Levitt”. It Is When A Firm Goes Into Decline Due To Product-Focus Rather Than Customer-Focus.

The Following Are The Example Of Marketing Myopia: 1- Electronics: What Organization Think What Customer Needs Organization Believes That Customer Need Smart Phones. Customer Really Need Access To Computing. Communication From Anywhere. 2- Durable Goods: What Organization Think What Customer Needs Manufacturers Believes That Customer Need AirConditioners.

Customer Needs Fresh, Clean And Temperature-Controlled Air. 3- Energy: What Organization Think What Customer Needs Oil Supplies Companies Believe That Customers Need Oil And Gasoline. Customer Need Energy.

Page 4 of 8 4- Transportation: What Organization Think What Customer Needs Organization Believe That Customers Need Cars Or SelfDriving Cars. All They Need Are Transportation. 5- Entertainment: What Organization Think What Customer Needs A Television Firm Believe That Customers Need Tv Shows. What They Really Need Are Entertainment And Information. 6- Iot: What Organization Think What Customer Needs A Technology Companies Believe That Customers Need Smart Houses. The Things Customers Really Need Are Safety, Convenience, Privacy And Energy Efficiency.

Causes Of Marketing Myopia: 1. Companies Assume That They Are In A Growth Industry. 2.

They Believe There Are No Competitive Substitutes. 3. Failure To Consider The Requirements Of Consumer. 4. Focusing More On Products Rather Than Customer’s Need. 5. Failure To Consider Changing In Consumer’s Lifestyle. Page 5 of 8 How To Avoid Marketing Myopia: 1.

Be Customer-Oriented, Not Product-Oriented. 2. Marketing Is More Important Than Selling The Product. 3. Conduct Comprehensive Market Research. 4.

Be Aware Of Competition In The Market. 5. Use Resources Appropriately.

6. Bring Innovation In Products. Assignment 2b: Google, Facebook and Consumer Policy: Question no 1: Summary of “Beware of Online filter Bubble” In the following link video, Eli the speaker talk about privacy now days and tell us about how our personal information easily access to these search engine and apps. Also he tell us the words of Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook) “A squirrel dying in front of your house mat be more relevant to your interest right now than people dying in Africa “. Further he also tell the words of Eric Schimdt (Founder of Google) “It will be very hard for people to watch or consume something that was not in some sense been tailored for them “.

All the need to show these statements of the founder to beware us about how these apps play with us and there founder has no guilty and actually collect our information for future use. He also says that not these apps or search engine is doing this all the apps which you use and allow them you access your information do this type of stuff with you like yahoo. The main different between old Page 6 of 8 internet and now days the mechanism, in past all the developers doing this for us which are called gatekeeper which has some ethics to do this work and know the privacy and now there are not they uses algorithm ones so called robotics and set some algorithm and database and storage devices which collect our information and leak information very easily. They all ask about is which is relevant but they should also be important about our comfortable level and challenging and also the other point of view. Question no 2: Search Engines (DuckDuckGo.

com,,Google): I search same word or ask the question on different search engine which mentioned above: Comments : Page 7 of 8 As you see above the more appropriate and correct answer is given by google but on other hand the most relevant and define is given by halalgoogling and duckduckgo. On other hand in some feature like used by most people is like calendar and stop watch and calculator is more advanced used by other search engine because they know how to give people their need. One thing which I like about google is super fast and that’s why I always prefer over other. As my experience I found halalgoogling slow also I dislike the fact when I open this search engine they say me to wait 5 sec because he checking something and it will show me that maybe it recover my data but later I found all these two search engine more secure and more privacy conscious. As I show u some screenshot of some result which I take while searching on different search engine, that what I am talking about these 2 search engine is less fast then google and halalgoogling show me link rather then opening calculator. Its not about privacy sometimes we need faster result.

Also I have some problem with problem google show me relevant result which comfort my life. Page 8 of 8 Question no 3: Search Engine (BaiDu): BaiDu is a search engine used by china because in china google in banned because of some privacy reason. Baidu incorporated on 18th January 2000, is a chinese multinational technology company. Its stock prize is US$205,62.

Ceo of baiDu is Robin Li and the headquarter is in Beijing china. The best thing about this search engine is all about its privacy policy when we search something on it and then delete search history they show nothing and treat us like new no algorithms and no mapping plotting of their customers. On the other hand you tube, google , facebook etc collect ur information and also access your private searches and information to show you quick results.


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