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P1TUTOR M. Mante by Natasha Harewood Discrimination and how to challenge/approach it. Discrimination Discrimination is referred to the unjust behaviour a person received from another for no cause other than being who they are belonging to one of the 9 characteristics mentioned in the equality act.

These characteristics are Agegender reassignment DisabilityRace SexSexual OrientationPregnancy/maternityMarriage/Civil Partnership in workplace onlySomeone can be discriminated by being bullied, names, harassed, insulted, refused care or education etc.Discrimination can come in 2 forms Direct or Indirect.Direct discrimination occurs when someone Discriminate your person i.e. because Jean was born a man he has under gone gender reassignment (sex change) but was told she cannot apply for the job as a nanny (since he was born a man).Indirect discrimination Is where a group of people who are in the same group with similiar characteristic1 are at a disadvantage because of a rule of practice that is implement in the workplace or business and is regarded for everyone.

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P2 Discrimination and how they transpired both directly and indirectly.Marriage/civil partnership is where one is treated differently or unjust /unfair because of their martial status.Direct discrimination when a person marital status causes them to be treated unfairly or unjust. i.e. an open job role is available, but a married person not qualified to apply because it requires alot of time away from home therefore the organisation feel it would be best suit a single person hence the cv of the married person was over looked.

Indirect discrimination this occur when a married group of people are at a disadvantage due to the criteria and practice that are put in place in an that are supposed to involved everyone but due to certain they are exempted. i.e. if a business is hiring new employers and make one of their criteria only people without children. It put married/civil partnership at a disadvantage because 9/10 married couples have children.Racial /Ethnicity is being unjust treatment bring on by someone because of their ethnicity or race.Direct discrimination is being subjected to unfair treatment because of one race, ethnicity etc.

or being associated with a person of a specific ethnic background. i.e. being refused to a job / healthcare because you are black or Because you associate yourself with black people. Indirect discrimination happens where there is a rule or policy or guideline that are put in place for everyone but there is a high possibility that people from a certain group or race /ethincity would fund it hard to live up to. i.

e. putting in place a rule that says all nationalities welcome, but you have been using currency with the Queen head on it.P3Sexual Orientation this is where a person is treated differently or experience harm because of their choice of sexual partners (man and man/ woman and woman).

Direct discrimination is being call names or get disrespected in person because of who you choose as a life partner. i.e. applying for a job and your recruiter think /know you are gay and refused to acknowledge that you are qualified because they think /know you are gay and therefore you fail to get hired.Indirect discrimination where your sexual preference is the reason why you are the minority, concerning the work place guidelines and policies. i.

e. if your workplace decides to host a staff week end get away for workers and their partners, but the hotel that was booked do not crater for gay people because of their religious belief and refuse to make alternate arrangement after the fact.Disability this occur when people choose to treat you badly (name calling /push or harassed) because you are different from others.Direct discrimination i.

e. a child with Psychological problem being call names other that what his/her name is like crazy.Indirect discrimination occurs when polices/rules that are in place do not adhere to The Disability Act 1995 therefore you are at a disadvantage.

i.e. being in among a group of people with a mobility problem being asked to join in the college game but there are no facilities to accommodate disability person, so I can manoeuvre to be a bit more flexible. P4 Religious/ political /philosophical belief this is when someone /group of people is being abuse harm or insulted because of their beliefs.Direct discrimination this occur when a person is treated unfair / unjust in the workplace or in general because of their views and beliefs. i.

e. because someone express their views and beliefs about the ruling political party they were passed over for a promotion.Indirect discrimination this happen when rules / policies/code of conduct are put in place for everyone but some people/group of people with their own ideas/views/beliefs may it be religious/political or philological are at a disadvantage.

i.e. a religious school that are 80 % Muslims hires a group of Christians teachers but the polices /rule that are in place requires them not to bring a bible or wear any symbol of their faith on school premises.

Gender reassignment this is where someone who have under gone a series of operation to have a sex change (boy to girl, girl to boy) to be recognised as the opposite sex.Direct discrimination this is where a person (that has a sex change such person should have a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) is being treated unfairly because of their sex change. i.e. Jean was born a man but under went series of surgeries to recognised as a woman, she has applied for a post as a lunch lady in the local school. She was hired but as time passed the knowledge of her gender reassignment got out and she begun to experience insult and derogatory names such it, sheim (a makeup name for both sex she and him)Indirect discriminationi.

e. is where people are talking about the ladies rest room and who should enter knowing that you was born a different gender and had a sex change from male to female hence they do not know how to come directly to say it therefore they just address a group of gay people when you are the only one that has gender reassignment.P5 Ways to challenge discrimination When we talk about such an issue there are so many ways we can think of to challenged such, but just to mention a few. Please be aware that when tackling such issue, one must first have proof/evidence to back up what happen and remember the setting that you are in.Dealing with discrimination in children is very different from dealing with adults therefore one should always bear in mind when addressig a child setting you must me calm, polite understanding ,do not judge and listen attentively, speak softly and endearing understand that a child needs to know that they can trust you before they are willing to speak out or speak up.In a child setting:Form circle time that way everyone can sit and talk about what their problem is and how it has affected them to be talked to differently.Have board games, play group, singing, dancing with all the children and let them interact with each other it teaches them how to share and create a bond among each other.

Be inclusive in everything that happening among the children nothing should a barrier as to why any child should be excluded and let everyone be aware of that.Speak up/speak out the instance you realise that discrimination has transpired.Have cultural/international day where each child can wear their flag colour and teach the others about their country (national dish, music, flag, dance etc.)Teach everyone to be respectful of each other differences and learn to listen to each other opinion and ideas, also, let them know that they don’t have to agree with it but still respectful as everyone is entitled to their own views/ideas and opinion.Have real live models to come in and speak to kids about their work and how fulfilling it can be when you choose something you are destined to do.Have drama where children can role play and be comfortable doing it by expressing their emotions and feelings.Teach every child about the way to treat others show love and what is expected of them as most children understand wrong from right.Role play can help a child see that anyone can choose any career path they like and be confident doing it.

i.e. men/boy can be nurse or chef or stay at home dad. girl/woman can be tailor, carpenter, chef, construction worker.

Ways to Challenging discrimination In an adult setting: Addressed the problem the first time it was made known to you.Report the issue if you try address the problem and did not get the result that you were expecting or wanted. Offer information via (booklet, seminars, open days) it will give people a better knowledge and understand hence allowing more tolerance.Have training day so everyone can always be up to date with the laws and policies as they change.Ensure all policies and code of practice are inclusive and everyone is are of them.Be supportive and understanding at all time regardless of what the situation is that arise.

Be respectful of everyone regardless of their background and social class be understanding of people differences i.e. views ,opinion, ideas, belief race etc.

Never be judgemental of any situation always show empathy and try to let a person see the hurt others feel when they are being discriminated via short films or real-life experiences.


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