Topic: PsychologyDevelopment

Last updated: March 19, 2019

Over the recent epoch, social media and modern technologies are becoming an inseparable part of every human’s life. As indicated by Berners-Lee et al. (2010), the turn was the development of the World Wide Web-the data space billions of individuals use to communicate on the web. Historically, newspaper was the only media which were most common among people as the source of media, but from that point when the internet was discovered this virtual world has been emerging in an exponential capacity. Individuals have been contending that web has numerous positive angles yet there are numerous negative viewpoints too like antagonistic impact in the brain functions (Smith et al. 2015).

Both the supporting and the contradicting disputations for this discussion have strong and convincing clarifications. Consequently, it cannot be disclaimed that internet has a lot of influence in assisting public’s and has helped in the evolution of he world. Whilst, there are many drawbacks from using internet which has psychological impacts on people’s mind as well as body and is also leading to the generation of anti-social youth. This essay will argue that the internet is creating a generation of anti-social youth which are the aftereffect of the internet addiction, cyber bullying and sexting which leads to pornographic contents of internet.

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