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Last updated: February 22, 2019

Our Human Resource (HR) in Development and Procurement Group (DPG) supported by a central HR team to provide administrative support to all 6 departments under DPG. They are responsible for recruiting, selecting, training and rewarding staff. They also have to address and solve problems to improve the overall staff’s motivational level and increase productivity.

Identifying key internal customer and their “needs”In DPG, the head of the department, the director (D), has 2 or 3 Deputy Directors (DD) with different set of tasks to support him/her. Each DD will have 6 to 7 Managers reporting to him/her and each manager will have 1 or 2 Technical Executives to assist in the projects. Rank and File (Technical Executives)Being a civil servant, a new Technical Executive can expect a promotion in an average of three years, or even two, depending on performance. Being a non-managerial staff, they can be stuck in the same job at the same pay for the next 10 to 20 years.

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They have to tolerate that a person with higher qualifications will be their boss even though the boss is new and inexperienced.HR has introduced Management Executive (MX) Scheme to allow the executive to progress to management support roles based on performance and the readiness to take on bigger responsibilities. Further training to instil pride on the executives are also provide.Line Manager (Managers)Managers have to handle a few projects. They have to ensure all the payment are timely and projects are finalized on time and accurately. Conflict may arise when the payment is delayed or when the project is not finalized on time, which may threaten the manager’s own career.

The managers would need the executives to be motivated to meet the deadline. They need to communicate to both the executives and the management to reduce errors, poor performance, low morale, etc. HR helps by identifying the needs of the executive via surveys and suggestion scheme. Through this scheme, managers are able to listen to the ideas and suggestions to improve work procedures. HR also provide the necessary training to both the managers and executives to motivate them, giving them ample room to get the job done. Top Management (Deputy Directors)As the DDs have a team of managers, he/she has to provide effective coaching and development support.

They have to develop their team to align with the department’s vision and thus, Identifying the right pool of talent or choosing the right employee during interview selection is a challenge to both the management and HR. In addition, it is often that there are more applications than the available vacancies. The DDs have to develop and define the job description clearly and precisely and explore the skills and qualifications required for the job. Whenever there is an opening, HR will make sure that staff are aware of the internal openings and have a chance to apply if interested.

HR may be able to identify the existing staff to the new position.


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