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Original Title The Fight for Freedom, A Discussion Review of 1776Full Bibliographical Citation McCullough, David. 1776.

New York, NY: Simon and Schuster Paperbacks, 2005. The book 1776 fit the topic, because of two reasons. Firstly, the book talked about the revolution, and the topic “the fight for freedom” talked about the American independence revolution. The book fits the topic because both the book and topic talked about the freedom and American revolution. The second reason is the timeline. The book talked about the wars around 1776, which also the time for American independence revolution.Introduction/Thesis Paragraph For the book 1776, it told about American birth, colonies’ independence, and stories behind the Declaration of Independence.

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The whole book revolves around Geroge Washington and his influence on the outcome of the wars. David McCullough did not only talk about the how important and glory of American Independence wars, but also talk about the how hard and difficult for Washington and his army to win the wars. David showed a very different view of American Independence wars. He collected information from private letters and diaries, memoirs, and collections of correspondences, and used collection information to support his lively narration. The book 1776 is a compelling and readable story about all revolutionary wars in the year 1776, because the author showed about both the British side and American side, and different view of American Independence wars.

The book is an excellent historical book to read, because the author told history as a novel to make it easy to read, and he also showed the completely different view of those revolutionary wars.Body/Supporting Paragraphs David McCullough was known as the most influential historical knowledge disseminator in contemporary America. McCullough is in the field of popular history and biographical writing. He is known for his narrative skills, and his handling of historical materials is rigorous.

His books are well-known and well-known, and he claims to have no out-of-print. McCullough won the Pulitzer Prize twice (1993, 2002) and won two National Book Awards.In this exhilarating book, McCullough narrates the story of the “Declaration of Independence” signed that year, followed by the generals of Washington, with blood and tears. In that year, because of their success, the U.

S. independence movement was in a good situation. Without their success, not only the hope of independence will be ruined, but the lofty ideals of the Declaration of Independence can only be reduced to literary. For more than two hundred years since the founding of the United States, the United States has always been proud of its universal spirit of pursuing freedom and emphasizing the universal values of life. McCullough hopes the world remembers is another aspect of this history–beyond the lofty ideals, it is possible to act on how to make hope.

David did not write about how important and glory of the revolutionary wats. He was more focused on how hard, difficult, and real of those independence wars. For example, “Those who have committed no fault want no pardon.”when Washington is offered the possibility of making peace with the British Empire, he utters the words from above. Even though Washington had doubts about the strengths and value of his army, he never doubted the value of his work. Washington knew that for America to go forward, they had to break free from the oppressive British Empire even if that meant sacrificing their own lives.

Washington believed in the cause he was fighting for and with his response, he set out an example for his soldiers and for the whole country. “The British troops, as their officers noted repeatedly, were in excellent health, in striking contrast to the reports of rampant illness among the rebels.” which showed the difficult and hard condition of Washington and his troops, but they still did not give up. The author showed the difficult and real side of independence wars to readers. Everyone has an opinion, even if they claim to be neutral. Although, McCullough told about both American and British sides. He also had his own opinion, which was that he believed in the American cause.

He did not say it explicitly, but he describes the British negatively, while describing the American’s positively. For example, he described the one of British officer as “Grant, a grossly fat, highly opinionated Scot, who had served in the French and Indian War, had an extremely low opinion of Americans.”. David repeatedly described how Washington and his army were usually barefoot, fighting in rags, or fighting diseases as conditions were very unsanitary, “The British troops, as their officers noted repeatedly, were in excellent health, in striking contrast to the reports of rampant illness among the rebels.” . The book 1776 is a compelling and readable story, because the author collected many sources and information to support his lively narration. From the quotation, “Material for this book has been gathered st more than twenty-five libraries, archives, special collections, and historic sites here in the..

.National Archives.” which showed the author prepared many events and information to support his book. From the book page 299 to 386, McCulllough showed all of his sources, bibliographies, and supports to readers.

Conclusion/Ending Paragraph The book, 1776, is an excellent historical book. David McCullough used his extraordinary narrative skills to show the different view of American independence wars. For most books about the year 1776, most of the author told about the causes and results of the revolutionary wars.

McCullough was more focused on the war itself, and how hard and difficult of the wars. The books included all of the events and important people in the year 1776, but also because of this, the book told a lot of information to make the book seems very complicated. The book also told about the maps and terrains, but there were no pictures to show those things more detail.


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