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Last updated: April 29, 2019

OrderWizard has similar functions to this project including QR code scanning.

This application supports both android and IOS system. The system will ask the user to scan a QR code to retrieve a restaurant, then depending on the restaurant a menu will display. From the menu, the user is able to add items to order, when they are finished they can then edit, delete or add extra details. Payments are compensated by PayPal, offline cash or offline card transaction.

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A benefit that this application take is users can call the waiter if they want to process the transaction with cash.A disadvantage is that any extra details that the user adds is not by item but by the overall order as seen in fig. 2.3. This app also does not ask for customer details this may cost a loss in clientele and security breach. User authentication provides secure transactions and personal information without this it becomes a vulnerability.

The system will become exposed to cybercriminals from gaining personal information.This application is available on google play but there haven’t been any updates since 2013 when the application was first created.


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