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Last updated: January 24, 2019

Optimism recognizes that each day is a new beginning. There are so many unknown outcomes and unforeseen circumstances. Usually, there are options we never even considered. You might shift your mood or change your mind or you might realize your thoughts were mistaken. Optimism is especially positive when it is accompained by a self- control and self- efficacy.
One of a student here in Zamboanga del Norte National High School (ZNNHS) who is Feby Dane Maluto overcame tragedy in her life. She thought that her life would be lenient and perfect because she had her family. But a sudden tragic moment was come her father abandoned them without reason. As time passes by, she heard that her father already had a new family. Maluto feel the painfulness and emptiness of her life because this is one of the hardest problem she faced but she tried herself for being strong. But the grevious moment was not done, her mother was brought in the hospital and was confined due to the situation she suffered of having a cancer and a kindney failure. Maluto’s tears were shed, the world stops revolving and all she can see was darkness. Maluto felt that she was at the lowest point of her life. She tried to attend classes even if she don’t want to. After a month her mother suffering from having a cancer and a kidney failure, the most downhearted happened was her mother passed away.


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