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Last updated: August 6, 2019

Online polling is developed for the threat free and user oriented System. The Online Polling system is made for BULC Student that encourages the students to participate in BULC Activities e.g. (Makeup arrangement decisions, Class Representative Selection, Polling for Trip Arrangement …etc.

). As the manual polling process for BULC activities is time consuming and prone to security breaches so the aim of this project is to design an Online polling system for University Activities .The purpose is to provide convenient, easy & safe way to capture and count the votes in university for fast and easy manageable results. This system is implemented to allow every student to participate in the university polling process regardless of the place. Online polling System would have Candidate registration, Candidate validation, auto-generated User ID and pass for candidate and Students. The advantage of the project is to donate a Polling process, which enables Student to cast a secure and secret ballot over a network and making the Polling process easy and efficient. The polling will be done through android and web application which will accept the polls of different students.

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Admin can see the details of every polling held in university. In this Project we will use FDD (Feature Driven Development), because the structure of FDD is easily adjustable and uses a common approach according to web development requirement. FDD will be easy to understand and involve the process into web development. Online polling can be a cost effective way for managing a polling process and interesting for students to participate .The system also provides the facility of Cooperation between the voters and the candidates.


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