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Last updated: January 22, 2020

One of widely known evidence of bioterrorism is smallpox case. Smallpox has been a bioterrorism agent for longer than anyone can realize. On 18th century, Tartar forces catapulted the corpses of smallpox victims into some town to weaken and damage entrapped defenders. Besides, smallpox as biological weapon also occurred during French and Indian wars (1754-17670) which led to epidemic that killed more than 50 percent (%) of infected tribe involved. These have proven smallpox was used as a bioterrorism agent. Other than smallpox, botulism is also an agent of bioterrorism prior its characteristic that possess high toxicity of 50 to 100 times more than sodium cyanide. Based on studies done by US Military State, a point-source aerosol that contains botulinum toxin released may eliminate about 10% of people for distance of one-third a mile which in range of 1.76 feet (0.54 m). The use of botulinum toxin as bioweapon is proven by a case that happened in Tokyo back in March 1995. The exposure of homemade aerosolized botulinum toxin to 5 different public trains around the city in a pierced bag resulting of 4000 victims injured with 12 died prior inhalation of the evaporated toxin. During World War II, Japan had experimented Vibrio cholera as a biological weapons agent. It was reported that the Japanese armies dropped V.cholera culture into more than 1000 Chinese-wells and led to 10000 cases reported in 1941. This had led to the death of at least 1700 Japanese soldiers. Development of V.cholera as bioweapon is also done by South Africa’s bioweapon programme during the civil war which the bacteria were placed into water source in areas that held rebel. Therefore, it is proven that utilization of certain bacteria as biological weapons have the potential to cause great harm effects to the humanity.


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