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Last updated: January 22, 2019

One of the significant reforms in the Philippine Education System is the passage of Republic Act 10533, “An Act Enhancing the Philippine Basic Education System by Strengthening Its Curriculum and Increasing the Number of Years for Basic Education, Appropriating Funds Therefore and for Other Purposes,” otherwise known as the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013.

Its goal is for the development of a holistically developed Filipino with the 21st century skills who are ready for employment, entrepreneurship, middle level skills development and higher education upon graduation from Grade 12. With the paradigmatic shifts in the curriculum, students after moving up from junior high school will choose a track and strand in the senior high school program (Braza & Guillo, 2015). The selection of a track is based on aptitude, interests, and school capacity.

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As such, the preparation and training that will be acquired from Grades 11 and 12 allow graduates to work in industries where their skills are needed since they are certified. On the other hand, they may also pursue a baccalaureate degree in college should they opt to advance their technical and professional trainings. Choosing a track and strand in the senior high school program is not a simple decision. It is a fact that making wise decision is the center of all human activities and that it is not meant only as a means of living but also for achieving satisfaction. Students need to look for possible factors that affect their decision making.

They need to choose a track and strand that fit in their skills and abilities that they want to engage in. If they are properly educated, chances are they will have a better future and ever ready to face the world of work for the improvement of their lives. Students’ beliefs about their potential and confidence play an indispensable role in their motivation to achieve their goals. If they have a high level of self-efficacy to choose the right strand for their senior high school education; then, it will help them to be successful in their decision. When a person makes a decision to do something about his difficult situation and eagerly believes that it can be done, that person has a strong sense of self-efficacy. This notion will have a sturdy effect on how undertaking and purpose in achieving the actions.Self-efficacy has an impact on a person’s decision making.

Goulào (2014), asserted that the notion of self-efficacy is associated to the idea that every person has to assess his capabilities to execute a certain task effectively. It determines how a person believes, thinks, and motivates with an important effect on the meaning of objective, and fulfillment that affects the individual’s preference, inspiration, toughness, and emotional reactions. Likewise, it has an effect on the outcome and determination in doing a specific action. That means it can affect both intellectual and emotional side of the educational development.

Based on the researcher’s observation, students have difficulty in choosing the right track and strand for their senior high school education due to vague information and low level of self-efficacy that tend to affect their decision making. The level of self-efficacy has an effect on everything on how aims, tasks, and hindrances are being faced. It can influence individual’s choice of activities and tasks accomplishments. In the study of Yazon (2015), he believed that without adequate self-efficacy an individual without audacity in attempting challenging actions will settle in mediocrity.

Having intense self-efficacy is one of the various qualities an individual ought to acquire consecutively to have in this greatly viable human race.This prompted the researcher to conduct this study to evaluate if there is a significant difference between the level of self-efficacy and strand preferences of students before and after the career guidance program.


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