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Last updated: August 16, 2019

One of the most unwanted situations in any health care facility is turnover which is a thought process that lead workers to change the workplace.

(Perez, 2014) Recruiting new workers is a costly time consuming process. New employees need more time to become familiar with organization. Therefore, any health care organization is obliged to consider turnover not only as an important economic determinant but also phenomenon that impact the effectiveness of care. (Laureen J. et al. 2016).

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Because a study done by Thomas et al. 2013 reported that when nurses are consigned to provide to the same patients, a personal and professional relationship occur, which lead to better health outcomes. There are several causes for changing the job in nursing fields such as amount of work, work place environment but the poor leadership style is main cause (Al?Hussami et al., 2014).

A study done by Aisha Naseer et al (2017) Compared the transactional leadership style and the transformational . And showed that transactional leadership style can increase chances of turnover while the transformational leadership is least likely to induce turnovers intention. Therefore, managers should use the transformational leadership style to prevent nurse’s turnover.


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