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Last updated: November 8, 2019

One of the major topics of The Alchemist is that our ways are pre-appointed or maktub, in the expressions of the retailer. The objective of life is to live in congruity with what is appointed for one, or one’s Personal Legend; satisfaction relies on this concordance.

Apparently, we as a whole once knew, as kids, what our Personal Legends were. The primary issue is that as people and grown-ups, we endeavor to make things more mind boggling than they truly are. In the content of The Alchemist, this issue is reflected by the experience Santiago has with speculative chemistry. While going through the abandon with the Englishman, Santiago peruses a few books about the privileged insights of speculative chemistry.

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The books assert that the first mystery of speculative chemistry could be composed in a solitary sentence, yet that humankind had made its clarifications of that mystery so convoluted that they couldn’t be comprehended by anybody. Santiago rejects this and fights that he can pick up all that he has to think about speculative chemistry as the day progressed to-day life. This conviction, that one’s destiny, or Personal Legend, is evident in any part of one’s ordinary life shapes a standout amongst the most essential subjects of The Alchemist.

At the point when Melchizedek says, “When you need something, all the universe is planning to enable you to accomplish it,” (22) he implies that since it is destiny that puts a want in Santiago’s heart, destiny won’t prevent him from accomplishing it. The issue is concentrating one’s vitality on figuring out what it is that one truly needs. Santiago does this amid the last leg of his excursion with the Alchemist, when he gains from the forsake to peer inside himself and quiet his trivial feelings of dread.

By quieting these feelings of dread, he can at long last observe that he is unified with his general surroundings and that his Personal Legend is an agreeable piece of that world. This is revealed in a supernatural form when Santiago can speak with the components, in the climactic scene in which he transforms himself into the breeze.


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