Topic: SciencesStatistics

Last updated: April 11, 2019

One explanation of differences in levels of illness and life expectancy is the artefact explanation. This suggest that statistics shows an one-sided prejudice towards lower class people because of high numbers of older and middle aged people working in dangerous jobs. It was expected that they would have higher levels of illness and mortality.

The black report suggested that data between the high and lower classes is not accurate enough; it’s a result of the way the data is sourced and collected. Another explanation of different in levels of illness and life expectancy is natural or social explanation. This explanation believes that people are in low classes because they have poor health and have lack motivation. Ill health causes people to fall into poverty. On the other hand, weaknesses of this explanation is that ill health is caused by deprivation. Trends and patterns suggest that people in lower social groups according to this theory will suffer more ill health and premature deaths because they are naturally less health and fit.

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