Once in the Goblin Land, live a young man named Mogan. He worked as a postman. He was one of the faster postmen. He liked his job and always delivered letter and packages on time.
However, during weekend Mogan had nothing to do because there was no letter to be delivered. So Mogan decided to learn something new. He went to Grandma Goby house to learn to make the cake. Grandma Goby was the best baker in Goblin Land. Mogan was sure he could learn fast.
That Saturday morning, Grandma Goby taught his all about baking cakes. While waiting for the cake in the oven, Grandma Goby showed his all he baking trophies.
As soon as Mogan back home, he went to his kitchen and ready to bake her first cake. He read the recipe and instructions from Grandma Goby carefully to make sure she would do everything right. But her cake didn’t turn out well. Mogan was confused. He didn’t know what he didn’t wrong. He called Grandma Goby.
Grandma came at once. “Why don’t you do it again and I will look over you,” said Grandma Goby. Mogan did everything right. After putting the batter in the oven, Mogan and his grandmother went to the living room.
But every three minutes, Mogan excused himself to go to the kitchen. Grandma Goby was really curious. So next time when Mogan excused himself again, Grandma Goby followed him to the kitchen.
It turned out that Mogan went to the kitchen to open the oven and to check the cake. And he did this every three minutes! “Mogan, if you keep on doing that, the cake wouldn’t bake well”, said grandma.
So they made another batter and this time Mogan tired hard to prevent himself from opening the oven before the cake was perfectly baked. Every time he walked to the oven, Grandma Goby would prevent Mogan from opening the oven. Finally, the cake was perfectly baked! Mogan was very happy.
Today was Sunday. Mogan decided to bake another cake. He did everything right and he managed to refrain from opening the oven while the cake was baked.
But this time the cake didn’t turn out well, either! Mogan was troubled. He called grandma Goby and she arrived right away. “Did you open the oven every three minutes?” asked Grandma Goby. “Of course not!” said Mogan. Then they made a new batter.
They watched TV in the living room. Thirty minutes later the oven buzzer rang. “it’s ready!” said Mogan and he ran to the kitchen. “How can it be? It’s only half an hour! The recipe said we have to bake it for an hour!” said Grandma Goby.
“Ah, I have doubled the temperature! I was on set the timer twice as fast!” said Mogan. He took out the cake and show that it didn’t turn out well at all.
Grandma Goby laughed. “Mogan, it does”t work that way! You surely are the most impatient that I have ever met!” she said. “But I thought fast is good! Everybody seems to like it when I deliver the letters and packages fast!” said Mogan.
So they baked another cake. This time, Mogan didn’t open the oven every three minutes and didn’t change the temperature and the timer. And as he took out a well-baked cake, he realized that patience indeed is a virtue.


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