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On May 20, 2016, at approximately 18:00, a crime was reported at the Socks for Feet Outlet; located at 222 Citation Way, Happy Town, GA 15486.

The owner of the store, Clifford Tonell called and notified the police that some merchandise was stolen from his store. When the police responded to the incident, reporting officer Colt Winchester was the one on scene. Officer Winchester took explanations from four witnesses that were at the scene of where the episode occurred. These four witnesses comprised of the proprietor, Clifford Tonell, Bo Foot the Security Officer of the store, Andrea Sianturi a representative, and Susan Bunion a client; each gave an illustrative articulation of each suspect and how they all contrived to the record of the crime. The Owner of the store wrote in his witness statement that he saw three individuals entering his store while going to particular section of the store, he at that point prompted his security officer to keep a nearby watch on the three suspects. Security Officer Bo expressed in his report that he watched the individuals shoplifting from the Big Feet and Hammer Toe region of the store. In the State of Georgia, the shoplifting law states: Shoplifting includes any attempt to conceal an item, change the listed price, or failing to pay in full for an item removed from a store.

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Therefore, stealing anything that is less than the amount of $300 is a misdemeanor conviction; taking items that exceed $300 dollars, will result in a felony conviction. Perpetrating a lawful offense with property wrongdoing can prompt the detainment up to one year in a state jail. These people that have been charged for shoplifting have been distinguished as two white guys and 1 female. Each one of them theorizes their desires to go into the Socks for Feet Outlet with the mentality of taking unpaid stock from the store. First, we will take a gander at Bubba Hurt, who has all the earmarks of being the ring pioneer in this circumstance.

Bubba Hurt also known as Bubba “Beauregard” Hurt. He is the child of Happy Town Chief of Police, Rodney Hurt. Bubba, is a white male, measuring 290lbs and remains at 6’5. Hurt, has a criminal history, has been already indicted shoplifting and ownership of medications, yet the charges were rejected. In light of O.C.G.

A §16-8-2 and §16-8-14, Georgia codes, Title Crimes and Offenses, Hurt ought to be accused of Theft by Shoplifting (§16-8-14). This is considered to be Mr. Hurts second shoplifting offense which as indicated by § 16-8-14, states for second offenses, along in lieu of detainment, the litigant will be fines $250.00, not to be suspended or probate. Alongside the fine, the things taking surpass the $300.00 to be viewed as an offense allegation. Hurt, had an aggregate of $432.

00 worth of stolen stock which makes the charge a lawful offense accusation as per state codes. On the off chance that indicted, Hurt will look between one to ten long periods of detainment alongside the fines. Hurt, unconsciously could confront a theft accusation for pushing Mr.

Foot, in any case if the push was deliberate, we would need to demonstrate it was purposeful and not coincidental. Skeeter Redrum and Summer Breeze are alternate speculates caught for this situation. Redrum who is 26 years of age and Breeze, who is 22 years of age both have criminal narratives, in any case their information was not given.

Summer Breeze did not take the things from the store be that as it may, she covered the things for Redrum. Breeze, ought to be accused of Theft by getting stolen property. Concurring O.

C.G.A §16-8-7, Georgia codes, a man who confers the offense of burglary by getting stolen property when he/she holds, gets or discards stolen property with no purpose to return it to the proprietor. Since the estimation of the stock is not as much as far as possible to be viewed as a lawful offense, Breeze ought to be accused of a wrongdoing. Redrum, in any case, ought to be accused of Theft by Receiving and additionally Shoplifting as per O.

C.G.A §16-8-and §16-8-14 Georgia codes.

Officers discovered all the stolen stock in Mr. Redrums’ vehicle. A portion of the things, which were stolen by Bubba Hurt were found in his vehicle alongside the stock he stole. He purposely took the stolen things from Bubba Hurt and put away them in his auto and in addition submitted the demonstration of shoplifting.

Redrums things did not surpass the $300.00 in this manner, his robbery allegation ought to be crime be that as it may, on the grounds that he was found with every one of the things which surpass $300.00, Redrum ought to be accused of a lawful offense for securing the things from Hurt. For both Breeze and Redrum, it will be up to a judge or justice to decide imprison time, assuming any. As I examine the situation deeper, I envision that another wrongdoing that could be a charge is Assault. To strike someone is to complete a danger of real mischief more often than not with an evident, exhibit capacity to cause the damage.

I believe Bubba Hurt ought to be accused of strike. Generally, for the reason that he was running past the security watch. More than likely observed that he is significantly more prepared and abused the condition by risking upon him, pounding him down. To the degree if this was an exhibit of Amateur Theft or Professional Theft, I would express this was made by a Professional. An exhibition of Amateur Theft or Property bad behavior is put together by unskillful blameworthy gatherings who act when the open entryway rises. Whenever an amateur theft gets the chance to steal, they will take advantage of it but only if there are little risks of them getting caught. They abuse a chance to take generally when little danger is incorporated. Customarily, their showings are finished with little skill, are unconstrained and result from some pressing situation, for instance, the need to pay the rent, Having No money or sustenance to encourage yourself or reinforce your family, or having a wagering commitment and furthermore affinity.

Most amateur hooligans don’t view themselves as capable guilty parties, nor are they seen in that limit by the people who do think about themselves specialists. A professional robber, they take pride in stealing, so making it a career is not hard for them. Therefore, they are passionate about being creative and imaginative when doing their work. Professional robbers are best known to commit crimes without caring about the risks and accepting the consequences that come with it. This is the thing that I acknowledged happened in this right circumstance.

Bubba Hurt is from every angle the ring pioneer, the construction to these two more energetic individuals. Near to that, Mr. Hurt had a progressing past charge of Shoplifting from the Socks for Feet Outlet. Thusly, nine times out of ten, Hurt pushed toward the other two suspects with a course of action on the most capable strategy to do this bad behavior.

Each one of the three suspects walked around the Socks for Feet Outlet and knew exactly where to go to get the socks, how to take the things and where the exit was. Therefore, making it obvious that it was orchestrated, one if not the entire group knew how to guide themselves out of the store.The sort of Crime Typology I would use in this circumstance would be the Sociological Typology. I chose the Sociological Typology since I was able to incorporate an insight inside the three presumes quiet a qualification in age with Suspect one being significantly more prepared than the other two suspects. The speculation of human science is the conviction that society impacts a man to wind up a criminal. For example, for this circumstance, I may particularly need to elucidate the Social Learning theory of Sociological typology. The social learning Theory communicates that people take in criminal direct from the all-inclusive community around them.

Which I wouldn’t block not simply in perspective of the age gaps between every one of the three suspects anyway by the essential fact that assume one, Bubba Hurt, has had an earlier blame for respect to Theft. The way in which that he has had an advancing charge acknowledges metaphorically, the place his perspective is at and I am certain somehow or another that he has socially impacted the other two suspects.


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