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Last updated: April 15, 2019

On March 19, 1891 Earn Warren of Los Angeles was born to Mathias and Crystal. Growing up he was very poor. His parents were born in Scandinavia and immigrated to America. Mathias was a railroad employee during his time in America. Mathias “his father once joked, ” My boy, when you were born I was too poor to give you a middle name””(Cushman, 436).

His family lived in Bakersfield most of his childhood until 1908 when he moved to Berkeley to attend college.In 1908 Warren moved to Berkeley to attend the University of California for political science for three years. Warren became the first of his high school class to receive a college diploma. This was only achievable due to financial aid, scholarships, and encouragement of his friends and family. After getting his bachelors in 1912, he continued his education at University of California Berkeley School of Law. Warren received his Doctor of Law degree in 1914. After graduation, Warren worked in law offices in San Francisco and Oakland, during this time was the only part of his life he was engaged in private practice.

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In 1917, warren enlisted in the United States Army stationed in the U.S. but was discharged in 1918. After his enlistment, he worked as a legislative and municipal aide and deputy for Alameda County.


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