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Last updated: April 7, 2019

Omar ValdezMr. Fraley 1stHow The South Killed Reconstruction What happens when one union becomes two and fight for four years. Twelve years after reconstruction has now ended, but which side killed it. I believe the south killed reconstruction because of the lack of safety and terrorism groups such as the KKK.But what is reconstruction; Reconstruction is rebuilding or to build again.

Even though the north neglected reconstruction, the south killed reconstruction. KKK Expansion The KKK had an important role in the death of reconstruction. The KKK was terrorist organization that terrorized many people especially african american people.They wanted them to stop voting for other candidates.

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The ku klux klan went around killing people because many northerners came into the south and wanted to help change the type of government. The KKK did not liked that and started following these people and killing them at the end . It shows that the KKK was terrorizing people and eventually led to the death of reconstruction. So even though the north neglected reconstruction the south killed it.KKK Not Following Laws The KKK was not punished for not following laws in the southern states and they were protected mostly in the southern states. According to the article, (H.K,2009)Tells us a story about Abram Colby an african american getting whipped because he was going to vote republican. The story stares that,¨ On October 1869 the klansmen broke my door open, took me out and into the woods and whipped me and left me for dead¨.

This shows that there was very little protection and there was also a lot of bribing. For example in the article (H,K 2009)stated.¨ The klansmen said they would pay me $2,500 in cash if I would let another man go to the legislature in my place. So this stated that the southerners were not following the laws and were very corrupt. So even though the north neglected reconstruction the south killed it.

African Americans not getting their rights.


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