Seeking to identify an “off the shelf” software solution that will enable to track and manage requests, purchase orders and others through a centralized database of information that is available at a desk and in the field with minimal modifications.
Many key features have been identified and the Department is seeking Inventory Management that can provide a scalable solution that enables complete asset and inventory management. Supporting the organization of information in Department-defined hierarchal levels. Defining work flow capacities to automate the requests and purchase order process. Having flexible templates to assist users in asset maintenance and inventory management. Supporting open industry standards in hardware and software that allows information to be distributed between the proposed system and existing systems. Integrating with the Department’s Banner ERP. Featuring a data model that is fully user definable and modifiable without vendor support. Mobile capability solution via application; add-on or interface for mobile devices including but not limited to tablets (Windows, Droid, iPad) and smart phones (iPhone, Android, Windows).
Network environment
The proposed party must complete the Technical Specifications related to the Network environment.
Desired Functionality
A complete list of the features and functionality required and desired in the inventory management system.
Scope of Services
A scope of proposed services should be provided with the proposer’s submittal which outlines the services anticipated to successfully install, modify, and test a functioning Inventory management system. The precise scope of services to be incorporated into the Service Agreement will be based upon the submitted proposal and this project description and may be the subject of negotiations.
Based upon the outline of requirements for a system, the proposer shall prepare a complete description of the scope of services which the Proposer intends to perform to achieve the objectives of providing and functionally testing a complete inventory management system meeting the needs such as request, purchase order, receiving, issuing, reverse posting, cycle counting and physical stock verification.
At the end of the installation, the successful Proposer shall provide functional testing sessions to demonstrate a fully functioning system meeting the agreed upon specified list of functionalities. The Proposer will also provide: a. Administrative documentation of the system sufficient to perform administrative tasks such as managing user accounts, controlling items in a workflow, auditing past items, creating detailed reports b. End-user documentation of sufficient quality to demonstrate system features and functions to a person of basic computer literacy. c. All documentation and reports in electronic format d. Services and/or tools to perform the administrative and reporting tasks specified e. Training plans.

General Instructions
Each proposal shall consist of the following sections:
a. Company Information and Qualifications
b. Desired Functionality Matrix
c. Technical Specifications
d. Price Proposal
e. Proposal Summary
f. Scope of Services
g. Statement of Qualifications
h. Timeline
i. Training Plan
j. Ongoing Technical Support Options/Availability
Technical Specifications
1. List the programming language/development tools that you use: – User interface layer – Business layer – Application layer – Source code/kernel
2. Briefly describe the platforms you support and your plans for future.

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3. List your hardware and desktop requirements.
4. Briefly discuss your interface and data conversion requirements. What information do you need from us?
5. Briefly discuss what technical maintenance we will be responsible for, what resources are needed and the level of work. E.g. database administration, system performance tuning, etc.

Technical Evaluation Criteria
Sl. No. Pre-Qualification Max Score Average Score Average Score
1 Company profile 40%
2 Services offered 30%
3 Other Capabilities 30%
Total Average Score 100%

Bill of Quantities (BOQ):
There are two pricing forms to be completed:
1. On-Premises
2. Hosted or Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)
1. Briefly describe your estimating approach and the basis for your proposed pricing.
2. Briefly describe your fee structure for professional services.
3. Discuss how you will discount the software, maintenance/support, services rate for us.
4. Provide a summary of costs excluded from this proposal.
Software License AED Assumptions
Parts / Supplies Inventory
Sub Total: Modules
Optional (Describe)
Sub-Total Software license
Data Conversion
Travel Expenses
Others (Describe)
Sub-Total Implementation
Ratio: Implementation cost to License cost (E.g. 2:1)
Annual Maintenance and Support AED Assumption
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Sub-Total Maintenance & Support
Maintenance & Support cost calculation formula (e.g. 18% of purchase price)
Grand Total License, Implementation & Years of Maintenance.

1. Are you proposing a Hosted or Software-as-a Service (SaaS) option? Briefly describe. Briefly describe your estimating approach and the basis for your proposed pricing.
2. Briefly describe your fee structure for professional services.
3. Discuss how you will discount the subscription, maintenance/support, and services rate for us.
4. Provide a summary of costs excluded from this proposal.
5. Describe any commitments (e.g. can we terminate at any time? Is there a 1-year commitment? Etc.)
Inventory management
Others (Describe)
Sub-Total: Core Modules
Option (Describe)
Sub-Total: Annual Subscription
Service Elements
Infrastructure / Equipment
Operations Support
Client Environment Support
Disaster recovery
Other (Describe)
Sub-Total Annual Service Elements Subscription
Data Conversion
Training / Integration
Travel Expenses
Other (Describe)
Sub-Total: Implementation
Ratio: Implementation Cost to License Cost (E.g. 2:1)
Software / Hardware
Other (Describe)
Sub-Total – Maintenance & Support
Maintenance & Support Cost Calculation formula (e.g. 5% of purchase price)
Grand Total 1st Year Subscription Service Elements, Implementation maintenance & Other.


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