Nowadays, people are living in an age of the technology. By the cause of this technology era, the needs of people grow fast to meet their satisfaction. Biometrics based Student Event Attendance Monitoring Kiosk is a system that meets the needs of the SSG organization by processing easier. In present, the Carlos Hilado Memorial State College-Talisay are still using a manual process of checking the attendance every event such as social bash, intramurals, intercampus and other official events. Attendance is very important to every student because of the requirements needed to comply in school. This system is intended to develop because some attendance sheet is lost and others have no validity. Every semester the SSG organization are producing an attendance sheet to be used for the whole semester’s events. Due to the lack of manpower in the organization, the process of having an attendance is very hassled and time-consuming in every student. The present process is having a problem in security since the attendance sheet has no validity, many of students are not attending but their attendance is filled out this lead to the researcher to develop an electronic attendance with the use the technology of fingerprint scanner.
This focuses on developing a Biometrics based Student Event Attendance Monitoring Kiosk that will fasten the process of registering an attendance in every event in the campus. The system automates the manual process of the SSG officer in stamping and signing the attendance sheet of the student. In addition, the system can be used for tracking the absences of the student. Thus, every end of the semester the student will go to SSG office for the signing of clearance purposes and determine their sanctions to comply. The system allows personnel to generate reports and the results of absences of every student. The system is only accessible by authorized users for security purposes and it has a single database that securely stores the student records. The proposed system does not available online and developed using MsAccess and C#.

Nowadays, spending 45 minutes or even up to two hours to get to work in the city and back is no longer unusual for those living outside the city, except during school holidays.

This situation is due to many factors. One of the factors is too many vehicles in one time, especially during peak hours (Ir Chin Kah Ting). This is the major factor that lead to traffic congestion as the population in KK is increasing year by year, which mean the car ownership also increasing. (Kalvin Liaw, The Borneo Post). The increase in vehicles ownership is the reflection of residents in KK’s improving affordability (The Borneo Post, December 2016). Together with surrounding district of Penampang, Papar, Putatan and Tuaran with a population close to 1,000,000, Kota Kinabalu has been experiencing rapid development within the last 20 years. (Daily Express, March 2015). Residents in KK has to face the jammed to get to work, sending off their children to school, to get to the university or even to get to the shopping mall. The residents have to spend their time longer on the road and sometimes when the traffic is worse than the usual, they tend to be late to get to their destination.

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Previously, the Kota Kinabalu city Hall (DBKK) Traffic and Public Transport Department has constructed few flyovers at important road junction to reduce traffic congestion. Two of the flyovers was at the Jalan Lintas-Kolam and Jalan Lintas-Mile 5 Tuaran by-pass intersection (The Star Online, December 2016). However, the flyovers only reduce the congestion along the flyovers as it will put all the cars in one particular road at the end of the flyovers and the congestion will begin again.

Nowadays, we live in a society that obsessed with beauty. From the moment each of us sets foot on this earth to the day we die, we are taught by the culture around us that beauty means lives happily ever after, while the hideous witch or ogre is doomed to meet a grisly end. We grow older and the princesses of our bedtime stories make way for shimmering Hollywood stars and carefully made-up models in magazines. The message, however, remains the same which is “beauty is everything”. But as we strive for this indefinable perfection, we must ask ourselves what it truly means to have beauty and how much we are willing to sacrifice to obtain it. With all the big brand releasing their much anticipated products and some of them not being available in our countries, we tend to trust online shopping but is this safer? Shopping for cheap designer cosmetics might put you at risk and with social media playing a big role in this, many of these products are fake and more alarming could leave you with bad side effects. The beauty industry is exploding and with the youth trying to keep up with their beauty idols and catch up with trends, many are taking short cuts. These unregulated fakes can contain a lot of unregulated dangerous ingredients that we don’t know of and can cause massive damage.

Firstly, issues that dependably show up are about the purpose behind utilizing restorative that can influence the skin. The impact to the skin by utilizing restorative is one of the desires that fluctuate for the corrective client itself. The significance of restorative is normally to look more excellent and be sure. It likewise assumes a major job in the production of a picture or being adequate to other people (DeLong and Bye, 1990). In an in the interim, corrective use gives a huge effect to the skin of clients that come in great outcome and ineffectual outcome. As per (Rodda, 2004) an excellence advisor, he uncovered that a considerable measure of items in the market are unforgiving on the skin. Additionally, without utilizing a right insurance when utilizing restorative item, it can prompt influencing the skin to be more touchy. The skin will go on guarded, believing that it is being assaulted. Numerous individuals say they have touchy skin since skincare items, or family unit items that contact their skin, cause stinging, consuming, redness, or snugness. For the most part, individuals are worried about the condition on the skin and not pondering the impact to the skin. Restorative as an item that will guarantee the progressions on the skin ends up being greatly requested item that fills the role of satisfying human needs. Restorative use and the fixings in the corrective item assumes essential job in wellbeing. A recent report by Substance Safe Skincare Exploration found that the normal lady utilizes 12 toiletries for each day, in total containing up to 175 unique synthetic compounds. Since 60 percent of items connected to the skin are assimilated into the body, the normal lady ingests five pounds of synthetic concoctions every year through her beautifying agents. Numerous items available are not sheltered and powerful, including one of each eight high-SPF sunscreens that does not shield from UVA radiation as specified by (EWG, 2007).

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Second, the sale of counterfeit cosmetics affects brands. Surely at some point in our life we have bought or at least thought about buying something that was not the real deal. They spend millions of dollars promoting their brand and doing all the right things with innovation and product development, only to have somebody create a substandard product with false branding. The loyal following created by heritage and start-up cosmetics brands alike have consumers seeking all avenues to get their hands on the latest products. Those seeking the enormously popular Kylie Cosmetic Lip Kits are undoubtedly barraged with deals from traditionally trustworthy channels. There are presently over 300 results on Amazon for Kylie Cosmetics, while the brand clearly states on their website that these products are sold exclusively on the company’s website. Looking at the reviews of these products, you’ll find comments stating that the products smell like gasoline or that the product caused their lips to burn or stick together. Third-party ecommerce retailers are having trouble preventing counterfeit products being sold on their sites, so manufacturers will need to step in to help. While manufacturers are doing their best to protect their consumers from dangerous knock-offs and their own brand equity from the effect these horror stories have on their business, consumers should not rely on 3rd-party retailers to guard against counterfeit product. These 3rd parties cannot guarantee a product is authentic, untampered, stored correctly, etc. Unfortunately, it is the manufacturer’s brands that get tarnished as negative consumer reviews on sites get attributed directly to the product listings and not the profiles of the sellers. Amazon is working to combat this issue and has strict anti-counterfeiting policies that can immediately shut down a seller operation. However, as identical operations pop up in place of the ones that are shut down.

Lastly, the dermatologist added that the use of these fake products with at times unknown chemicals can lead to a lot of dangerous conditions like allergic reactions, heavy metal poisoning, arsenic poisoning, exposure to dangerous bacteria and skin cancer. Cosmetics are not a healthy choice, but one cannot stop using them. It is advisable to use the products in moderation though, and only when absolutely necessary. As Dr Javed said long term exposure can lead to the accumulation of toxic materials in the skin, which can cause skin cancer. The government should fulfil its responsibility to protect the public from harm by taking action against the sale and advertisement of counterfeit and cheaply made cosmetics. Skin Specialist Imtiaz Rao said that it was crucial to indicate the expiry date and provide other critical information on product packaging. Dr Rao advised adequate consuming conditions must also be clearly written on products together with the production dates. It is also crucial for buyers to read this information before purchasing and applying.

In conclusion, the effect of using counterfeit cosmetics are effect of skin, the sale of counterfeit cosmetics affects brands and chemicals can lead to a lot of dangerous conditions. Its offensively clear that using counterfeit products are dangerous. My advice to everyone buying fakes online is to do your research first and consider whether it is worth it. Because getting a reaction from a replica makeup brand which can cause acne, dermatitis, eczema or even scaling is not worth saving a few pennies in my opinion.

Nowadays, use of drugs is a controversial topic in this society. In general, taking drugs and effect on it showed the direct link with the addicts. Drugs can found anywhere, so are the effect of drugs. When the drug affect the addicts, some effect will happen on the them in short or long term such as antisocial, transforming to a different person and harming their health.
Firstly, a drug user will become antisocial expect the loved one such as family and their friends. They will avoid most or all the public situation after they have taking the drug over the times. For example, if a student was using the drug in the school, they will start to absent or quit the co-curricular activities or class. This type of person will always stay in their world and their mind after they involved in the drugs. This said that, they will withdrawal from normal social and may cause problem of various relationship.


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