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Last updated: March 23, 2019

Nowadays billions of people throughout the world are using cell phone in everyday life. Teenagers today describe their cell phones as their life. They have used mobile phones such as indispensable goods that live with them anywhere, even at school.

Although cell phones will bring many benefits, students use mobile phones at school for following reasons.One reason of not allowing students using cell phones at school is to avoid possible cheating at the exams. If cell phone use is allowed during school time, it will be difficult for teachers to control students who are texting each others.

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Furthermore, cell phone use at school can make students be lazy in brainstorming. As a result, using cell phones at school should be banned.Second reason is that cell phone use can make students learn to be in a state of distraction. Obviously, using cell phones during class impacts on student’s attention, half of their attention is, typically, to social networking sites or messaging. Students are much less likely to get good notes and are much less to learn lessons.the final reason is cell phones easy to be student’s weapon yo kill themselves. Students have period of both mental and physically, sometimes, small problems may be a reason of their action without thinking carefully, such as fights.

For school administrators are hard to control if this problem happens. Therefore, school does not allow the use of phones to avoid danger.In conclusion, everything has two site. it is important, we know its advantage effectively.

Cell phone bring us many benefits but lead many problems. Personally I consider that cell phone use during school time should be banned.


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