Nowadays, for the majority of people all over the globe, e-commerce is often preferred as one of the best ways of shopping because of easiness and convenience. People love to buy things online because of the fact that anyone can buy products and services anywhere at any point of the day.
For many, online shopping has become a way of life. Buying goods and services online saves time, offers great selection, and saves money due to lower prices. The ability to transfer money online and having cash on delivery as payment option are yet another reasons to prefer online shopping over traditional shopping.
Despite the convenience e-commerce gives, due to the lack of trust toward businesses in the new electronic environment people still hesitate to make purchases on the internet. The lack of trust constituted a key barrier to the use of Internet shopping as well as long-term commitment to the relationship building. Gefen, Karahanna, and Straub (2003) identified lack of consumer trust in Internet vendors as a major factor inhibiting online purchases. Trust plays an essential role for facilitating online transactions between consumers and electronic retailers and realizing the development of e-commerce to consumers in the long run (Sonja, 2002).


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