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Last updated: March 3, 2019

Nowadays, the mass media has been deeply combined with the whole society, which has become an important public opinion carrier, the carrier of information, the carrier of culture and a major cultural existence. It includes newspapers, magazines, books, movies, television, radio, Internet, etc., as a kind of industry to send information to the community, has penetrated into all areas of human life. It quickly spread, wide coverage, strong penetrability, and for the decision of the government publicity, social ethics construction and for the people’s values and way of life of remodeling have not underestimate the influence, especially for children, mass media, which is a “double-edged sword” no moment in plays an important role. Children outside the world is full of curiosity, eager to get new knowledge, understanding of new information, becoming a member of the social identity, so they became the most enthusiastic readers of modern mass media, the audience and the audience. From the way of life to the way of life, from the values to the emotional exchange, small to clothing, big to the world outlook, the formation of the concept of life, the mass media to provide them with a large number of information and analysis, interpretation of the truth.

On advanced science and technology as the foundation of the mass media especially the Internet, provides the material means of modernization for the children’s social development, greatly improve the material conditions of children’s knowledge, moral education, enrich the content of education, to achieve effects of time saving, labor saving, low input high-yield. Such as the traditional classroom teaching by the media form of TV, audio, video and projection, enhances the attractiveness can greatly improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of children’s social development and television, newspapers, Internet applications, emerged from the limit of time and space of distance education and online education, the education not only change the traditional passive accept the “indoctrination” education is interactive, guide the publicity and education and the traditional pure language expression with sounds, images, animation and other multi media image expression, deepen the impression, and strengthen the effect. The diversity of mass media entertainment give children optimistic idea of life, so that they can forget the troubles in the entertainment, which provides a comfortable and harmonious living environment for children, to diversify their life color, but also provides a broader living space of mass media for children, a variety of cultural sites and virtual network the world for children provides more opportunities for exchanges, especially electronic life has become the pursuit of children fashion, and began an upward trend, and the online world of children’s computer network has a great attraction for children, the most important thing is not a collection of information channels, but more is a kind of entertainment dating the way. Mass media dissemination of information speed, large capacity, the mass media of information rich and colorful, voluminous, for the children’s study provides a lot of information, broaden their horizons, enrich their lives, but these information good buckwheat not neat, all kinds of information may exist, both true and false, science and ignorance, health and filthy, advanced and backward information, the majority of children if intentionally or unintentionally through some bad information which may have a very bad impact. Especially the development of Internet, not only the formation of the powerful virtual environment, but also makes the domestic culture and the western culture directly collide and agitation, especially world view, value view, life view is in the formation, knowledge desire, desire to explore children very strong, easily by its negative effects. Influenced by the mass media, some children will more or less stained some youth culture disease, mainly in the hedonism of the material and cultural orientation.

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And the secular nature of mass culture make the children’s aesthetic taste to vulgar, children’s aesthetic vulgarization in the choice of children’s aesthetic object performance for the serious classical literature and art has been in the doghouse, popular shallow literary works are popular among children, jeans, T-shirt become fashion; in the aesthetic way, they direct the pursuit of simple, more willing to from poetry to dialogue, from symphony to popular songs, from the academic monograph to essays ramble. These have seriously weakened the positive impact of mass media on children’s social development. Therefore, in the face of mass media, this “double-edged sword”, whether it is social, family, school and children themselves should be rational view, in order to get the mass media to bring more positive impact on children and society.


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