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Last updated: March 18, 2019

Now days , littering have been a popular issue .

Many people have take littering as their normal habit. Basically, littering means throwing rubbish on land or water. Littering is a habit that we should not practice but human still does it because they feel lazy to throw rubbish at proper place. Condition become worst when some people throw rubbish in drain and it can cause the drain clogged and if it is raining it can cause the area flooded. Effect of littering not only effect to humans but also effect the environment and animals . Firstly, littering can cause water pollution and may cause harm to aquatic livings. This is because litter that contain toxic can cause the water get dirty.

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The toxic may cause blood thickening and cause serious medicinal issue that can slaughter creature. Likewise, the toxic water may effect the plant beside rivers or the water. In additional, humans can become ill when they eat the aquatic animal that have been infected by the toxin and may cause death. This was proven by Catherine Irving 2018 the effect of littering on the environment and animals.

Next, littering also may cause fire hazard. This is because if litter that contain combustibles get caught by a small fire it will be burning and the fire will slowly spread to another side and it will become bigger if it caught more combustibles items such as paper, plastic and timber. In additional, people always throw cigarette everywhere and if there is any dry grass or any other dry items, it can burn easily and it also will cause fire hazard. This was proven by Jefferson Belmont 2005 illegal dumping and litter Last but not least, the third effect of littering is littering effect on business and tourism. This is because tourist loves the place they visit is clean. If the tourist saw the state or country is full of litter they will not visit the place again and there is some possibility they will discourage other people to visit the place. If there is less people visiting the place, the business at the area also will get effected. A investigation also shown that a lot of business people have to migrate their business to other area because of no costumer is unwilling to buy stuff from dirty places.

This was proven by Terry Barton 2017 litter :its impact on local communities To sum it up all, we as a human being should stop littering because all of us know that littering is a bad habit and it have many bad effect for health, environment and also country reputation. We should make Malaysia great not full of rubbish. Adults also should be a good example to the younger generation because youngsters are still immature and they will just follow what they see other adults are doing. Government also should tight the rule by fine those people who litter everywhere as their wish.

Public also should be responsible by throw their litter to correct place and pick any rubbish they saw on near them.


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