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Last updated: February 12, 2019

Now a day there is the common word that is spoken or listen by an individual is called stressed.

Stressed is something that control your in different ways. In stressed some people listen to music, some eat more food and some loss their sleep. When I feel stressed I visit park because of relaxation, peace and its beauty.In stressed your mood is very bad or off you only want relaxation that’s why I often visit park I the morning. When I go to park there is a beautiful sound of birds that give you relaxation.

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You see birds flying in the sky hand to hand gives you happiness and your stressed is automatically fade away.The thing that I like about the park where I often visit when I feel stressed is peaceful environment. When I entre in the park there is only few people around jogging and doing yoga.

In the movement of stressed you only need peaceful environment and that what I received when I entre park that environment help me to eliminate the stress.The last thing that I like about the park is the atmosphere and its beauty. The smell of different types of flowers is such mind refreshing.

As I entre in the park there is a lot of different aromas that gives you a lot of peace, relaxation and happiness. All the things that is needed when you feel stressed. Park is the important and cheapest entertainment for all kind of humans. For kids for teenager and for old aged people. As I mention about when I feel stressed I visit park because of the peaceful environment and its beauty. But in recent years there is no such park that people can visit the environment is also bad and the maintained of park is also needed.

We hope that government should take some action to this issue which is becoming the cause of more issued.


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