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ENG 101

14 September 2018

La Santisima Restaurant

The most famous restaurant to eat Mexican food is santisima restaurant. It’s a

family work restaurant own a special character. Santisima is well known as authentic

Mexican restaurants in Arizona state that offers a delicious Mexican food. La Santisima

is far on price, occidental dining for any celebration, and it is specialized in all Mexican

food. The endure at La Santisima is very welcoming for all people and all ages, the food

is amazing and the service is excellent. La Santisima is served in a family type weather;

it allows you to dress in accidental wear to feel relaxed as if you are at home.

Although, only outside the restaurant it does get loud sometimes but it gives you

the feeling like you are with your family at home eating together. The surrounding is

very good decoration. They appreciation for the art works of Mexican artists Manuel

Gilavalos y Garacia and Ricardo Ramirez,as well as Bella’s Artes de Mexico for

providing all the furniture and interior decoration. One of the first thing you noticed when

you first enter the restaurant is how well is maintained it’s gives you that feeling like you

are at in Mexico having a vacation on the beach. T’s very unique Mexican restaurant which it’s oddly hard to find in Arizona so when I first went there I felt in love with it. They have expanded their place since I first started going, which is amazing since there’s usually always a line. The stuff is a great and on the point, so don’t go there expecting to be catered to, but the food is so good.

Also, I found this restaurant is very well maintained from every corner. La

Santisima is featured a broad selection of an actual Mexican food. It is a great place to

have some real Mexican food fresh and tasty with large menu variety of authentic food.

And they also have special vegetarian options for vegetarian people it’s called “La

Condesa Veggie Taco”. This place is a gourmet taco heaven for vegetarian as well as

meat lovers. When you first go they served you with chips and told you to serve

ourselves with the salsa bar, it has more than twelve different types of salsa! All the

salsa on the bar was so delicious. They also have pecan salsa which I wasn’t even

know about and the peanuts salsa. My favorite was the hot habanero salsa. This food

was phenomenal but overpriced. There is breakfast now! At least on the weekends, I go

there every week. The menu is provided when you get there. Every saturday and

sundays you can start this amazing experience with a nice round cup of the mexican

coffee with cinnamon flavor. And also enjoying a nice warm basket of fresh chips along

with their twelve kind of salsa bar. For me I enjoyed a huge three egg omelette with

tinga chicken, peppers, Mexican cheese, cream. And also two types of beans and hash

browns or chunky onions and potatoes with all kind of peppers. They’re all delicious,

fresh and satisfying.

However, the food was so delicious my brother tried the street taco plate, which was

amazing. There is three kind you can choose anyone, he tried the chicken tinga,

barbacoa and shrimp. For me I had the vegetarian tacos, one of them was with deep

fried avocado dipped in beer batter served over cabbage with the delicious sauce. And I

also tried Santisima vegetarian cauliflower taco. It was so good.

Overall, You will enjoy every experience as l have at La Santisima and will keep going

there and never forget them special food taste. La Santisima is a restaurant that makes

the best in every visit. During this experience I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere

they had, the family type restaurant, and the homemade Mexican food. The most thing I

like is the food arrives in a timely manner, which this is the best thing for me because I

didn’t find it in any restaurant. While dining in La Santisima you will notice the fantastic

service and they will take care of you as if you were family.


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