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Last updated: February 4, 2020

Noise pollution and the environmentAbstract In this essay, I choose to write about the noise pollution and how it effects the environment and what is the noise pollution and I found three sources about it and I will talk about it in the essay IntroductionSpecifically, in my essay I will be talk about noise pollution, first what noise pollution and what types of pollution we have in our country and what is the sources of noise pollution, Secondly, effects of noise pollution in the environment such as Wildlife and Marine Life, thirdly I will talk about the how you can Avoid the Noise Pollution and how you control it. There are types of pollution such as Air pollution, Water Pollution, Noise and Light Pollution, Noise pollution is generally defined as regular exposure to high levels of sound that may lead to harmful effects in humans or other living organizations, Exposure to more than 8 hours may be continuous noise exceeding 85 dB serious. If you work for 8 hours a day close to a busy road or a highway, it is very likely that you will be exposed to traffic noise pollution, Noise pollution refers to any unwanted and unwanted sound that brings discomfort and insomnia to humans. Such as air and water pollution, pollution of noise harmful to human and animal life, the sources of noise pollution are Household appliances such as electric motor, washing machines, Commercial activities, Industrial activities, Agricultural equipment.

Worldwide, the most common sources of noise pollution are cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles. Planes and trains also contribute to noise pollution. Other sources include factory machinery, power tools, and construction equipment. Noise pollution is also an important environmental hazard, which is becoming growingly injurious in many parts of the world.

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Noise beyond a particular level or decibel (unit of noise) tends to become a health and environmental hazard, Scientific interest in the effects of noise pollution on wildlife has intensified over the past decade and we are now developing a better understanding of how noise can impact behavior, population and community level processes across a range of animal species. Using experimental and observational approaches to characterize and explore the specific effects of different noise sources, the evidence generated from these studies is considerable, particularly among songbirds and marine mammals, which rely heavily on sound and vocal communication. Other than marine life, land animals are also affected by noise pollution in the form of traffic, firecrackers etc.

, and birds are especially affected by the increased air traffic. The impact of noise on our environment and this is a great harm to animals and their environment and how we can get rid of this noise, there are many solutions from them. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), of all the environmental pollution, noise is the easiest to control. Noise pollution can be checked at home by Turning off sound-making appliances when they are not in use. And Shutting the door when noisy machines are being used Lowering the volume of appliances such as television to a desirable level. Also, you can use earplugs while listening to music.

My research question is do you think that noise pollution has effect on the environment ,and these are my six questions the first question Do you think noise pollution affect the Environment?, The second Have you been distributed by noise pollution?, which one of these noise make you feel disturbed ?, do you think we can stop the noise pollution? , do you know what is noise pollution ? do you think animal also affected by noise pollution ?. Method of StudyAt the beginning of the semester in course 185 we must write an essay for the topic of the course and the my essay was about noise pollution and I start searching for this topic and I found three recourses for the topic and I wrote 6 questions about the noise pollution and I did my survey by using this website then I send it to my instructor and he send it to my classmates to answer my survey and that was helping me to find statistics about my topic and I found 8 responses .When I did my research I didn’t find results same as mine but really I found some good statistic about the noise pollution, The latest estimates suggest a ten decibel average increase in aircraft noise exposure was related to an increase in high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes of between 7% and 17%.

In addition, causes of noise nuisance seem to be regional. Sixty-two percent of responders mentioned car noise in the West, compared to only 48 percent in the North East. They also seem more susceptible to barking dog noises with 46 percent finding dog noise a nuisance in the West compared to only 35% ,To sum up, my report was about noise pollution and the environment, noise pollution has effect on the environment, I work on my survey, I found most of the student affected by noise pollution for example There are lots of noises such as alarms, people talking loudly, bells, footsteps, as a result 37% of student feel disturbed by the alarm and 50% of people talking loudly, and 12% by other, First I wasn’t know that the noise pollution has effect but after my research I found out that it has effect on the environment and health.


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