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Last updated: March 17, 2019

No! No! I must not kill King Duncan. But maybe if I were to kill him in the darkness of the night as the raven croaked and If the assassination of the king could prevent any severe consequences, I would willingly stain my pure soul with the blood of King Duncan and risk my salvation of a heavenly afterlife.


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there will be consequences… Is it worth it? By committing violent crimes, we only influence others to commit violence perpetuating a vicious cycle of violence. Blood will have blood!Justice, being impartial to everyone, compels us to drink from the poisoned chalice that we offer to others. I shouldn’t kill Duncan. He trusts me as a loyal subject and I have vowed to protect not take his life but to lay my own. But my desire for the throne will be fulfilled by the death of Duncan.

My death predetermined! My salvation ruined! My conscious forever disturbed! People’s up roaring mourning will flood my empire of dark desires to usurper the throne’s authority and power. My dreams of the throne have become nightmares for others. Why do I desire such grand luxury?Why do I aspire to commit regicide? Why? Am I a man? No, I am no longer man. Every choice had led me here, to the side of the blood thirsty demons. No! I cannot commit this horrid deed. Besides, Duncan has been such a modest leader, so free of exploitation and corruption, that his virtues will speak for him when deceased. Even god is against the injustice of his murder as lightning will come crashing down upon me.

But my ambition flickers inside me like a flame no water could extinguish which influences many towards damnation.I stand in the midst of a vast darkness. My eyes could not penetrate the darkness no matter which way I turned.

I see ambition himself! Himself! He has me in his power, chained to his will. Those eyes of his that look so cold and faded have the power of witches. I have to surrender, and he commands me to do anything he wants. When he looks at me it’s just as if he stabbed me with a dagger . . .

Then it is my blood that will be quenched. . .. No! Thus, I have never seen a man who disobey his orders. And the worst of it is l love him and hate him at the same time.

I’ve never seen a man such audacity. If he still bewitched me with his desire, I shall kill Duncan with all my strength, with all my might…


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