No sufficient attention was given to victim of crime at international level before emergence of UN declaration of “Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and abuse of power”. Due to predominantly interstate structure of international community, only international laws were setup keeping interest and goal of states only and interests of individuals are not taken into consideration in international laws like human right, international criminal law, international humanitarian low etc. In all these international laws victim is considered and defined in different ways and rights of victim also varies in different international laws. Human right law does not consider the breach of international obligations by non-state actors whereas in International Criminal Law and International Humanitarian Law, individuals may be regarded as victim as a consequence of acts carry out by individuals.
Thus, this has been concluded that despite of great significance of subject, victims have been either ignored or insufficiently considered by international laws in the past, but this scenario starts to change since different norms related to rights of victims have been progressively introduced in international laws. These norms are conservative and institutional in nature, in general related to regional frame and all these norms are related to different categories of victims like victims of crime, victims of abuse of power, violation of international human rights law, international humanitarian law and international criminal law.


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