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Last updated: April 20, 2019

Nissan should improve the services that they provide to the consumers which if for new vehicle or for old vehicle.

For example, the warranty services that provided by Nissan from 36 month which is 3 years can be increase to 60 months which is 5 years. Also Nissan should also cast aside the ‘WHAT IS NOT COVERED’ in their warranty information on their website. This can make Nissan consumer to be happy if they could get further warranty services from Nissan for without paying additional cost.

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Also Nissan can launch a new promotion for those who birthday and provide free services as a birthday gift. For example, change their car battery, adjustment and air conditioner refrigerant recharge, or changing fluid, lubricant, oil and oil filter replacement to those birthday person without charging any cost as a birthday gift and as a way to say thank you for supporting Nissan product. Also Nissan should provide a website to the birthday person to fill up the form, term and agreement to prevent some consumers that attempt to cheat on these free services birthday gift.


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