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Next, theft is a common problem faced by university student especially student that stay at the University College because they live with the other students. Theft referring the act of taking something that belongs to someone else and keeping as theirs. Theft is caused by many factors such as having a financial problem and by mental health problem. Someone that having mental health problem is known as having kleptomania. However, according to Christianini, Kleptomania is relatively rare in thegeneral population, with about 0.

3 to 0.6 percent of people experiencing this condition(Christianini et al.,2015). According to Psychology Today, kleptomania is a condition in which an individual experiences a consistent impulse to steal items not needed for personal use or monetary value and the objects are stolen despite typically being of little value to the individual and are often given away or discarded after being taken(Psychology Today,2018). In economic factors, theft occurs when someonehas a monetary problem. They want to have those things but cannot afford by themselves, so they steal others things. It also happens where people stealing because it is their necessities and situation forced them to do it. For example, someone steals body shampoo, sports shoes and food.

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It looks simple but they need those things and because they cannot afford it due to having a financial problem they steal from others. University life is a life where full of freedom. Everyone lives with their ownchoice.If student does not know how to save and control their money, they will face a great financial problem except for someone that comes from rich family. In addition, deviance among university students also including plagiarism.

Oxford Students website state plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your, with or without their consent, by incorporating it into your work without full acknowledgement and all published and unpublished material whether in a manuscript, printed or electronic form, is covered under this definition.Students nowadays living in the era where they can get any information just by a single click. So, studentscan easily copy any information from the internet to complete their assignment and work. Plagiarism also can happen among group members. They copying their friends’ assignment and ideas. Usually, it easy to detect plagiarism among university student because someone that plagiarize others will have a similar structure of sentences.However, it is not fair for someone that being plagiarized by their friends.

Hence, to solve this problem a lot of plagiarism checker is created.According to Jonathan Baileyan online article writer stated that the reason student plagiarize is lack of confidence, lack of time, laziness, don’t think they’ll get caught, and they made a mistake (Jonathan Bailey,2017). Lack of confidence leads to plagiarism when someone not confident with their work but want to get a high score in the exam.Hence, they tend to copy others that they idolize or someone that they see more talented in writing.University student involves a lot of programmes or even class.The student who does notknow how to manage time, work, and likes to procrastinate usually will face with the time problem.They cannot balance their time for study and university activity.

Therefore, to complete their assignment in a short time they tend to copy and paste from the internet because it is easy to access and reachable in short time rather than going to library searching for a thick reference book.Laziness is a critical problem experienced by every student.If they cannot control their laziness and just followit, of course, that student will be problematic.Next, student doesn’t think they’ll get caught by their lecturers because they think that lectures have a lot of student and work they will not check one by one of their student’s assignment.Unfortunately, this old thought is irrilevant anymore. A lot of software and application created to solve this problem.Some students actually do not plagiarize but take some information from the internet as evidence.Unfortunately, they made a mistake during citationand is considered plagiarism.

Therefore, student has to know a correct way to do citations.Lastly, deviance among university students are play truant or skip class. University system is not like primary and secondary school were less of attendance to class not causing a student to be banned from taking the exam.

Although attendance is very important, students still skip classes.It may cause by overslept, class clash with other program or student want to finish something for instance assignment and meeting. As a student, we need to prioritize study and class because it is a reason why weenter university even though another program also important to build student leadership because holistic student not only good in academic but also in leadership. It also important for a student to arrange their time wisely and have a good quality of rest time to be energetic and fresh in every class.

Moreover, peer pressure is another major cause of play truant. A student that wrong in choosing friend tends to follow and influenced by their friend.That is why choosing a friend is one significantthing that needs to be emphasized by university students. A research paper on attendance from the University of Sussex, published in the journal Studies in Higher Education stated that males are more likely to be absent from classes than females, and the worst offenders are men with the highest intelligence levels(Alexandra Smith,2006).

There is the student that think they can learn on their own and attend lectures is wasting time.Thus, they like to give excuse and skip class.Not all student thatinvolved in play truant are bad, lazy and weak in academic but most of the student are a show poor academic result and have other disciplinary problem.


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