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New role of women in the 1920s


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The role of woman changed greatly in the society in 1920s. There were many changes were observed in 1920s as women were able to take part in both politics, the home the work place and in the education sector. It took a lot of effort to change how the society viewed women they were seen as inferiors and were not allowed taking part in many of activities in the society. By year 1920s women were not acknowledge in the society and were not allowed to take part in most of the decision making, men were viewed to be superior in all fields there was widespread theory that women’s and men’s roles did not overlap . With changing laws the role of women had taken another turn, which made them to be recognized in the society. Technology development influenced change of women’s role in the society also change in attitude had great influence of women role in the society. The role of women involvement in the so politics changed, they were allowed to take part in voting process. They were able to recognize that political decisions affected their day to day life. They had to overcome the idea that women were supposed to concern themselves with home, children, and religion, while men took care of business and politics, before 1920s women were viewed as housewives and were not allowed to search job if their husbands were working. The down of new era in the world made it possible for women to be accepted in the society, this brought positive change in their role in the society.

Women involvement in education sector was evident as they were allowed to attended schools, before 1920 the number of women joining school was low but by 1920s the number increased; there was increase in women in different fields as they noticed that they had potential to change their life in education sector. Education brought change in the employment sector as percent of women raised compared to later days before 1920. By 1920s women were able to gain their democratic rights which influenced their life positively this ensured that they were able to take part in most areas which they were not allowed to take participate. There was increase in education and employment opportunities as western countries became more urban and industrialized. As women were allowed to take part in education they gained knowledge able to take part in the job market. There was increase in number of women who were joining colleges and universities. This changed women life in the society as they were able to take part in all matters con concerning development and innovation. The number of women joining high institutions of learning increased, many women become lawyers, doctors and professors. The percent of women raised this had positive influence in the society. Women were allowed to search jobs as before 1920s no woman was allowed to work this was left to men only, women were left to do house chores. The involvement of women in the education sector and rise of employment opportunities to women changed their role as they become independent. Their legal right to own property meant that they had stepped into new position of freedom and choice, their life was not again controlled by men has they had equal share of rights and property in the family. Women become more dependent of their husbands and make relatives and this had positive change. They were able to have right in choosing partner. Involvement in job market and increased access to education ensured that women were able to be accepted and respected in the society. Women were given equal responsibilities with men as they were able to handle all life matters.
Women involvement in education sector ensured that women had gained more knowledge and were able to carry out different chores in the society. Increase in number of learned women in the society changed the perception that women were not able to control the society. Men were the family leaders but by the 1920 there was change in families were women had equal rights with men in the marriage. Many women were involved in world war one, this changed that the perception of the society that women were inferior and they could take part in any activity in the society. The number of women joining paid labor increased during this time, it was assumed that women married to working men were not supposed to search job. This ensured that women had right to own property in the family. During this time women realized they had role to play in the family thus it wasn’t the role of man only to take care of the family. By the 1920 many women were housewives and were not as free as men, at this time women realized that their role wasn’t be only housewives but they role to play in the family. With increased technology many women joined paid labor in the market, and were able to compete with men. In the art industry where women were considered inferior they become professional enterprises. By doing so this helped them to overcome stereotype and became more vocal and confident in promoting their work. Education was key factor in ensuring women overcome all odds in the society. During this time most women became successful, they were able present good art skills compared to their male counterparts. There was increase in n8umber of women entering labor force. In the 1920s, women took up varieties of professions than they did before then. Teaching remained one of dominant career path for women had a significant contribution to education. By the end of 1920s there was more women in the job market.

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Thematic changes (Smoke signal, lone ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven)
The movie smoke signal is simply based on the many stories collected together by the author Sherman Alexie, whereby a young man by the name victor is supposed to change her ways of the way he thinks or be consumed by sorrow, range and the depression o the fact that the father is leaving him together with his mother in Idaho on the Coeur d’ alene which is a Indian reservation. After some years later it is reported that the father is dead as a result of his trailer in the Phoenix. Victor has a duty to collect the remains of his father and go with them at home. Later the trip changes the life of victor for better. In the story of Lone ranger and Tonto Fistfight in heaven it shows the reflection of the movie smoke signal in which the author is trying to elaborate how the people in India have been deeply affected to the extent of being swallowed by the colonization of the Europeans.
The author who is Sherman Alexie wrote the book and included the film to portray the Indian problems and how the Indians dealt with those problems. The books seem to be complex than movie simply because the book shows large variance of the characters that are fighting variety situation. In the movie we find Victor who is viewed as the main character tries to be an Indian or rather a man who is typical, he shows the act of hatred to his father who flew to Phoenix and left him with his mother. Even after when the mother was so positive about the father and about the things he used to fear, Victor did not show any love for his father. It is said to be a real boy’s story inside the world which is of boys: Behind the masculinity mask. Behind this mask is where Victor was hiding so that he would not expose his emotions. However, after the accident had happened he got thoughts about his father and finally out of emotions he came to realize that he had much love for his father.
The book is made of variety of the stories in which some of the stories are connected to each other. The focus of the book is mainly to show how the Indian society which is degraded and in which everyone seem to be alcoholic or is an alcoholic. (Alexie, 43). The author tries to show the depicitism of the alcoholism in the society of India. In the story there is an Indian who is young and tends to have a nice future through playing of basketball. He later turns to be like other normal Indians by committing crimes and drinking alcohol. While reading the book the author gave me a clear understanding the all the remaining Native Americans have one thing in common which is to drink. Since everything they had at first disappeared. Most part of the story shows how the Indian’s experience is bad and the how they faced the loss of their tradition.
Both the book and the movie try to show how a man should behave without fear of anything and without pain. The movie and the book have some similarities in that there is the death of the father to Victor and he has to make a certain tri with Thomas. In the book and the movie the death of father to victor takes place in Phoenix, and we find that victor required the help of Thomas in order to go get the remains of his father. At the end in the both book and the film, Thomas is given half of the body ashes by Victor and Thomas throws them in the river so that Victor’s father can set him free. There is also New Year’s Eve party in both the book and the film where the elders to Victor get very drunk. Lastly the similarity involves the splitting up of the Victor’s parents.
Despite of the similar facts there are also different aspects found between the book and the film. One, Victor together with Thomas took a bus to Arizona in the movie but as seen in the book they went to Arizona by plane. Two, Victor claims $ 40 from the mother for the collection of the ash remains of the father in the movie while in the book Victor received $ 100 from the tribe for the purpose of collecting ashes. Third, when people in the movie quit the taking of alcohol they refer taking of coke which is very different from the book where there is taking of the diet Pepsi instead of the alcohol. Fifth difference is that in the movie Victor went out and broke the beer bottles during the New Year Eves party but he is crawling and falling asleep between the parents’ passed out in the book. The last big difference is that Victor is from Washington tribe in the book but Idaho tribe in the movie.
The whole story is based on the flashbacks which are used as a tool of narrative in order to explain the feelings and the actions of the character. The remembrance of his past gives him help in the understanding and for sure he has to understand that one time he will be an adult. In India there is the reunion of the past present and the future in order to become an adult. The journey for victor it is not pleasing but he has to clearly create a good relationship with the father. He has to make the apologies to Thomas in order to follow the norms and the culture of the Indians and in this way he is agreeing on the end of listening to Thomas which gives him the true picture that he is on a complete journey of adult hood which seems to be a type of rebirth.
In conclusion my reaction to smoke signal which is the movie is quite different from the reaction in the book. This is simply because the movie was not able to show how bad the Indians are as it is directly narrated in the book. There was no showing of the partying and the drinking of the Indians as it is well expressed in the book. How the Indians use the marijuana occasionally is not well shown in the movie as it is elaborated in the book. The overall explanation of the movies made me believe that the Indians do not have that bad reputation as the book tries to put them in.


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