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Last updated: June 15, 2019

Network and System Technology is a key technology for a wide variety of applications. It’s an important demand in current scenario networks, there’s a big lack of security strategies which will be simply enforced. The developers of security technology and developers of network have a “communication gap” between them. Network design is a developed process that is depends on the Open System Interface (OSI) model. There is many advantages in OSI model when designing network security. It offers ease-of-use, flexibility, modularity and standardization of protocols. The protocols of various layers are often simply combined to make stacks which allow standard development. In distinction to secure network design is not a well-developed method.
There is not a methodology to manage the quality of security requirements. Once considering about network security, it ought to be emphasised that the entire network is secure. It doesn’t solely concern with the safety within the computers at every end of the communication chain. When transferring from one node to a different node data the communication should not be prone to attack. A hacker can target the communication, get the information, and decrypt it and re-insert a duplicate message. Although securing the network is simply as necessary as securing the computers and encrypting the message. These are the objectives that ought to be unbroken in mind whereas securing a network.


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