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Last updated: February 20, 2019

Nestle developed this product in 1934 locally and further developed new formula in 2006 which awarded Milo for contribution in the area of health. In 2007 the Nestle expand this business with concept of more malt, more milk that supported to gain energy with more natural goodness of malt and milk. The chocolate as ingredient enhance the overall taste. It also helps to create, generate and maintain more market for Nestle Milo.

Moreover, while for packaging and branding product development category the Nestle Milo focuses on following areas such as continuously innovation and research and development to enhance the product’s quality which further enhance the product effectiveness and product availabilities in different sizes that provide larger options to the consumers to get products. The brand name different packing create positive image through quality assurance and value for the money commitments. Nestle Milo also focus on eco-efficient packaging methodologies, which create differentiation.

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Other than that, in product nutrition, Nestle Milo continue focus on concept and innovation that Milo is not only chocolate malt drink but it has four main components nutrients in Milo. Firstly, natural ingredients that involves milk, cocoa and malt. Secondly, source of energy that include 8 vitamins and 4 materials called Atigen-E. Next, Protomalt mixture of different carbohydrates that help to gain energy and nutrients in body.

The last one is protein that help to built and repair body tissue. These are basic approach using by the Nestle Milo to create, maintain and sustain their market in the competitive business environment.2) PRICE The concept of ethnocentric pricing strategy help to design and develop similar price for per units in each geographical location which has greater impact on buying behaviour of consumers. Nestle Milo also used polycentric pricing policy in independent distributors’ scenario in local market. Nestle Milo is using penetration pricing strategy to market Milo where the organization initiated with low price to target mass market. A part from this the Nestle Milo focus on concept of different other pricing techniques based on Quantity discount, cash discount, functional discount, seasonal benefits and offer, direct and indirect promotional offers and benefits, geographical pricing strategies that involves free on board pricing pattern, Zone pricing methods, single and flexible pricing and other customize pricing techniques the Nestle Milo is using.


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