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Last updated: April 10, 2019

Nepenthaceae is a monotypic family consisting of approximately 120 species of carnivorous pitcher plants (McPherson, 2009). The sole genus of this family is Nepenthes. It is widespread in the Malesian biogeographical region, majority of which are known to be found in recognized centers of diversity and endemism within the area (Clarke, 2001).
The genus Nepenthes is composed of carnivorous plants which are considered to have evolved pitchers autonomously. These modified leaf parts are known to be astonishing evolutionary adaptation. (Juniper & Robins et al, 1989).

II. Nepenthes pantaronensis
This species was discovered recently through an expedition by famed scientists in the field of biology. The species was named after the place where it was found, Mt. Pantaron. N. pantaronensis is said to be closely related to N. pulchra and N. petiolata. According to Jebb and Cheek’s analysis, these three species belong to the Reginae group of species of Danser. (Gronemeyer et al., 2014).

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