Topic: CultureTraditions

Last updated: February 10, 2019

Nepal has more natural beauty than Japan or Japan has many culture than Nepal. As Nepal and Japan these both countries lies in the Asia continent but different geography.

Nepal is a landlocked country which is surrounded by two big countries i.e China and India. Japan is located on the peninsula of Korea and which is surround by Sea of Japan and Pacific Ocean. These countries has their own languages.

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However, Nepal and Japan has many differences in terms of food,culture and natural beauty.These two countries has major differences in food whereas Nepali which is more spicy and oily. Many people of Nepal prefer to eat these food because they are fascinated with frying food which consist of spicy and oily. The nation food of Nepal is “Gundruk and Dhido” as well as “Daal Bhat”. Except that Nepalese food consist of chicken,goat meat ,fish etc. Food diversity has its own identity according to the traditions.

On the other hand Japan prefer to eat less spicy and oily food because this food is considered healthy. So, that life expectancy of Japan is more than other countries. The national food of Japan is “Japanese Curry” and “Japanese Sushi” (tastessence.

com). Japan has an island so, Japanese people prefer to eat seafood. Japan has its seasonal and local food these sorts of food are food in supermarket, hotels and restaurants (

It has unreachable food cultures because of an island.


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