Topic: Education

Last updated: February 23, 2019

Napoleon and Snowball are characters who represent Stalin and Trotsky. these two characters presented by Orwell in Animal Farm. The main characters are Snowball and Napoleon.

Napoleon is described as a large and aggressive looking.On the other hand, Snowball seems to be a more suitable chief as he is quicker in speech. In my opinion I think Orwell is making the reader feel more inclines towards Snowball.

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Snowball is full of plans and ideas, such as education and generating electricity which help optimises the animals’ lives.However, Orwell portrays the idea that a lot of these plans are unrealistic as many of these fail and this becomes obvious when Orwell listed them. The pigs are the most educated animals on the farm (probably due to Napoleon focusing on indoctrinating only the pigs) and use their higher skill level to position themselves above the other animals. Throughout the poem that the pigs were the cleverest of the animals.There also seems to a few instances of irony created by Orwell, he tells the reader that the animals suffer , but that they also have a greater dignity


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