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Last updated: August 21, 2019

Police brutality
Yes. Wilson and friends were illegally searched and further imprisoned over false allegations. After being accused, the police were to investigate and collect enough evidence to help put the accused in custody instead of harassing them by the road side then arresting them without any proof that they are guilty of the suspected crimes. I strongly believe that Wilson’s rights were violated when the police mishandled them by the roadside instead of at least taking them to the police station for interrogation.

After being accused of dealing with drugs, the police were to investigate the matter. They were then to collect enough evidence and if found guilty, arrest Wilson and present him to the law courts. Beating and stripping him twice on the road is a violation to the human rights. The police have no right to beat a defenseless suspect who has surrendered peacefully.

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Investigation should be done and serious actions be taken. The officers must be arraigned in the court of law and charged with the offence of human right violation. The police department should also compensate Wilson and friends for any damages caused by the ruthless heartless brutal police officers.

The officers didn’t act appropriately. Stephon watt was just a teenager who refused to go to school and so no need for five officers with guns. I strongly blame these officers for the death of this young man who had a bright future. Police officers must be trained to handle each case differently. Not everyone is a criminal.

Watt was a teenager who only needed someone to listen to his teenage problems. The police could have approached him carefully convince him and that’s all. He could have been alive today only if they could approach him carefully.
No. PAL has not arrived in my community. I propose PAL should be formed in my community to help keep youths busy. An idle mind is the devils workshop. Keeping our youths busy with issues that help build their creativity is better than allowing them to idle around thinking of evil. This is a good program to our generation.

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