Topic: BusinessCase Study

Last updated: October 3, 2019

Name – Gurpartap singhStudent ID – A00078685Submitting to – Rajesh Khanna Bandi Case Study – 1Cyber Crime :- First and the formost thing to discuss here is that the most of the people using it for the cyber crime. Some of them are hacking the bank accounts, and some are busy in hacking the websites. They are doing it for earning more and more money. Because everybody knows that if we someone hacks the bank account, he or she can earn the all amount of the account that the person deposited before in his account. By hacking a website the person can also earn money that the main owner is earning.

For example, if a person hack the “Amazon” Website, we know that they are earning a lot from online shopping but if someone hack that website then all the advantage goes to the hacker. This thing teach others to do above criminal things. Because the owner didn’t get nothing after doing hard work on their project like he spent a lot of time on making website and after making website takes time to compete other websites and when it comes into the upper level website someone snatch that and took all the benefit by doing a simple hack.Fake IDs :- The other reason is that the people make some fake IDs to gain the personal data of others like a person make the ID named ‘Priya’ and he start his communication with any boy to be a girl. But the boy doesn’t know that is it a fake ID or real. They start their conversation as good friends, after their relationship become in boyfriend and girlfriend. The fake ID’s person ask one day to boy that “I have a doubt that you are communicating with someone else girl”.

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But the boy said “No”. After the person say that can you give me your ID and password for the confirmation. Boy say that why not. After giving ID and password, the fake ID’s person change the password of his ID and post some bad picture on his Id to show him bad boy in front of the society, even he was doing nothing but everybody think that the guy is now good because he was posted some bad looking pictures on his Id. Then the person feel guilty in his society. But he still doesn’t know that who was the person that did this thing.

Unsafe Privacy:- We think that if we put the password on our ids or online accounts then our accounts are safe, but this is not true. By the help of technology a person can see our privacy. For example our Gmail account, we think that it is safe because we put the strong password on it, but by having a great knowledge of technology a person can open our account and he or she can see our all important documents which we think that nobody can see them without the permission of us. Now he or she can download any of our picture and upload on some bad website. Now you will lose your image that you make inside your society.

Online Banking:- We think this too that we can open our online bank account everywhere without any worry but I want to tell this that never open your mobile banking on public network because these are unsafe to do on them. If we do this on Public connection then somebody have access to see our password. Now if somebody has our mobile banking password then what he or she will do? They will open our account and can transfer our money to their account. After when we see our account balance it will be zero because somebody take that money and the person doesn’t know that who was that.


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