Topic: Linguistics

Last updated: May 1, 2019

Name: Rachel Kirby Date: September 23, 2018 Name of child observed: Natalie Age of child observed: 3 months Location of observation: Childs home General Observation Characteristic: The infant observation was of a baby girl named Natalie. First to be noticed was her full head of curly brown hair and thin, almost nonexistent eye brows. Natalie also had very big brown eyes, full round cheeks, small ears, and a small nose.

She had an olive skin tone and a bald spot on the back of her head. Audrey did not have any teeth and she was drooling immensely. Her body was not quite proportional yet, her stomach was full and round, she had tiny feet, and long fingers. Natalie was approximately twenty inches in length and thirteen pounds (stated by the mother, Jana). Physical Development: When Jana laid Natalie down on the blanket she began kicking her legs and wiggling her arms and hands all over. Natalie also played with her own hands and intertwined her fingers.

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She would flail her legs up and play with her toes as well. When Jana placed her index finger in Natalie hand she used the Palmer Grasp intensely. She was also using the palmer grasp to grab Janas bracelets. Jana was dangling Natalie’s caterpillar toy to the left of Natalie’s face and Jana used the Palmer Grasp to grab at the caterpillar toy (eye hand coordination). Jana also had a strong suck on her pacifier (oral motor). Jana turned Natalie over so that she was now lying on her stomach instead of her back. When Jana did this, Natalie kept her chin up immediately and kicked her legs attempting to try to roll over but being that her head is still heavy compared to her trunk she has not been able to do so yet. Jana had turned Natalie back over and Natalie had a lot of strength in her trunk.

She was almost turned over entirely from her back to her stomach but because of the heavy weight of her head she was not able to just yet. She also pulled her legs up towards her trunk so she could grab her toes. Natalie moved her head all around the room tracking the people around her. Jana was holding Natalie by her hands and wrists while Natalie was holding onto Jana’s hands to support herself while sitting up. Intellectual Development: Language Development: As reported by Jana when she says “a goo” to Natalie she responds and sometimes even imitates her and says it back. Natalie locks eyes with Jana when Jana is talking to her.

Jana also explained that Natalie is beginning to recognize her own name. Natalie expressed herself with monotone babbling. As explained by Jana, during our observation time it was close to Natalie’s nap time, explaining why Natalie was crying and fussy. Social-Emotional Development Each time Jana would smile at Natalie she would smile back and imitate her mom. Natalie is very responsive to Jana’s voice and constantly makes eye contact with her. As the teacher was walking around Natalie would follow her with her eyes and turn her head as well.

Natalie was very observant to her surroundings and making eye contact with all the students in the motor development lab. Natalie was constantly looking at Jana. When Jana got up and walked away to grab another toy Natalie began to cry as Jana went out of her sight. As Jana was holding her and walking around the room with her she fell asleep quickly in Jana’s arms. When Jana smiles and speaks to Natalie, Natalie becomes excited and smiles back at her mom. Natalie appears more comfortable when Jana is near her. Natalie was extremely cognitive of her pacifier.

When it was placed in her mouth by Jana, Natalie stopped crying instantaneously. Jana had brought a caterpillar for Natalie to play with. When Jana moved the caterpillar to different sides of Natalie, Natalie would follow it with her head and eyes. She also used voluntary grasping to grab the caterpillar from Jana (sensory motor skills). Natalie was also very cognitive of her reflection in the mirror. Natalie had been holding her and over her shoulder Natalie could see herself in the mirror and was continuously looking at her reflection.


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