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Last updated: March 4, 2019

Name :Reem Emad ElsragyID; OPCF12-019 Oman medical collage
4th year pharmaceutical management
Topic : Applications of marketing research
APPLICATIONS OF MARKETING RESEARCH is the product which is going to be marked should be researched to meet several goals for example, design of innovative product or old product that already happens to have strength market approved research, and line extension . The APPLICATIONS OF MARKETING RESEARCH is divided to
Strategic 2. Tactical
The strategic include segmentation forecasting for sales forecasting, segmentation studies, target markets for a given or known product is known , and positioning strategies identification.

Tactical the applications that is applied product testing, pricing research, advertising research, promotional research , distribution and logistics related research studies.

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Application of marketing
1-Pricing Research
The pricing is provided by strong pricing research. Research of pricing help to choose the product which haves the best features configuration in the right market positioning opportunities. quantitative and qualitative methods are used
2-Product Research
Used for product that are newly design and market validation research, or by assessing old product that has been in the market for a will the to check the optimal strange and line extension potential. 
Marketing size
Product category attitude and usages trend
Marketing opportunity research
Ideal generation
Create refined concept
Concept testing research
Brand equality
3-Concept Testing
Advertising concepts, new product concepts, and affordable, pricing, brand concepts, brand names, and positioning strategy concepts is checked first then concentrate on developing than screening. developing which require for exploratory market research, both tangible attribute clusters, and emotional appeals are taken in concern when creating concepts
4-Positioning Research
market creative branding and positioning research can be defined and enter with a strong positioning strategy. At the beginning it is needs to make market positioning concept , potential markets, and current
5-Marketing Due Diligence
it is used to remove the least attractive prospects and to enable early planning of post-merger integration. And to reduce some major risks such as losing customers through duplication or defections.
6-Customer Satisfaction Research
Qualitative research shows how the customers make the purchase and repeat purchase decisions.

7-Brand Equity Research
It study the effect of both depth and breadth of the brand power in the target markets. Both standard and custom-tailored brand equity survey measurements are used in this research
8-Advertising Research
specific advertising goals and the stage of ad development, or campaign based on these the advertising design is done. Advertising research techniques include ad recall surveys and message
9-Market Segmentation
It is important for maintaining focus and delivers needed of the costumer for marketing information. where there is new products and markets categories that keep on emerging every day and the traditional market segments decreasing
10-Sales Analysis
It is the initial step in product and brand analysis. marketing analysis data taking out effort searches for meaning and insight among the stacks of sales data and marketing data. this is an importance tool for targeting the best customers, find which advertising and promotion methods are most efficient and effective.

Methods of Types of Marketing Research
Initially this is done to have information, idea and understanding the problem before the research is done. Most of the exploratory is qualitative than quantitative .as well as conclusive evidence and subsequent research are not needed
Diagnosing a Situation: when companies have got problems and they are unable and unclearly know how to define it .
Screening Alternatives: there is many options, but the company is unable to take them all due to finance restrictions
Uncovering New Ideas: due to the new product the costumer is unable to choose what they need
It is done when there is some comprehension of the problem. The objectives are defined, and the research questions are formulated. Usually some consumer profiling and market segmentation are required.

It is also known as causal research
It illustrated the relationship between the cause and effect. exploratory and descriptive research are needed in this research due to that, a lot of information is going to be gathered on the topic.



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