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Last updated: October 29, 2019

Name: Gaopalelwe LekabeStudent No. 25526413Module code: AEXM 324Lecturer: Dr ModirwaAssignment No.1Date: 07 September 2018The factors to be considered when forming a group.

Social groupThe interest on members of the groupthe projectsobjectives of the groupintegrating with the people in the groupmeeting needs or goals lying outside groupThe interest to members of the group eventually expand out of nearness or closeness and frequent interaction. We must gain remember that closeness create potential in the interest, factors come into existence when building up a relationship. Similarity is one of the most important aspect that appears in group formation.The assignment of the group is evident on its activities. Every group is expected to reach its goals and accomplish the needs of the group, the main ideal of joining the social group. The task of a group is experienced in its activities. One can join the agricultural cooperative because they are passionate in agriculture. People join and remain in groups when the rewards for doing so outweigh the costs, thus yielding profits.

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The other factor for group formation is the hunger to interact with the members of the group. The satisfaction of need for affiliation is getting people involved as to meet the for obtaining them via objectives and activities of the group. Regardless of what we affiliate for the main reason is for everyone to be empowered in the social group and also changes in the behavior of an individualGroup membership may help us meet needs that lie outside the group – thus, group membership may be a stepping stone to achieve an external goal, rather than a source of direct satisfaction.

A college professor may regularly attend meetings of a professional association to enhance the probability of promotion. A member for political office may host of community organizations to advice his or her luck for election. Attraction of the group is also detected by the attributes of that particular group. Characteristics of groups that make it more attractive to potential members and which contribute to group formation:1. Respect is one of the most vital attributes that a group should have in order to attract members.2. Members who are in higher positions and have authority with respect are usually attracted to be in the group.3.

working together within the group brings out the best than individual, there are rewards which are obtain from working as a team and also results in the growth of the group.4. The level of positive interaction among members have an effect on the attractiveness since it increases the range of personal and social needs to be met.5.

The size of the group have an impact on attraction. Smaller groups unlike big groups it is easier for members to interact easy because they share similarities and for obtaining individual needs thus how it tend to be more attractive.6. A good relationship with another groups will add to the group honor and make it more attractive.7.

Groups which are passionate in what they do to achieve are to be attractive, members who work together in reaching a success.


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