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Last updated: February 18, 2019

N0n-verbal c0mmunicati0n plays a very significant r0le, in theclassr00m, during teaching learning pr0cess. N0n-verbal c0mmunicati0n createsan impact 0n the c0mprehensi0n 0f the students, which ultimately results inbetter learning and understanding 0f the c0ncepts.

Teachers, like daily lifesituati0n, als0 use n0nverbal c0mmunicati0n in the class r00ms but if they use itpurp0sely and as a teaching technique with the 0bjective t0 create interestam0ngst the students, better results can be 0btained in the f0rm 0f students’learning 0utc0mes. Teachers can use their b0dy m0vements, eye c0ntact, facialexpressi0ns; smile; anger; fr0wn, pitch 0f v0ice, and distance f0r betterunderstanding 0f the c0ncepts 0f students. Teachers can use n0n-verbalc0mmunicati0n f0r the rapid learning 0f the students with minimum eff0rts. Thisteaching-learning pr0cess is based 0n learning 0bjectives, which ultimatelyleads t0 learning 0utc0mes. These learning 0utc0mes are the end pr0duct 0fteaching-learning pr0cess.

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Learning 0utc0mes 0f the students and teachinglearningpr0cess depend 0n the learning activities. The end pr0duct 0f alllearning activities is learning 0utc0mes; theref0re, these activities need great 6care in designing and executing in the classr00ms. The better the learningactivities; the best will be the learning 0utc0mes.Gr0nlund (1970) c0mmented that there was a relati0nship betweenlearning pr0cess and learning 0utc0mes. Teaching-learning pr0cess was n0t anend in itself but a means t0 an end. Different teaching meth0ds and A.

V. aidsused in the teaching are c0nsidered as a t00l t0 achieve desired learning0utc0mes. Learning 0utc0mes als0 c0ntribute t0 instructi0nal pr0cess in the sensethat it gives directi0n t0 the teachers in selecting their teaching meth0ds andmaterials in the classr00ms. The learning activities 0f the students can beimpr0ved inside and 0utside the sch00l if learning 0utc0mes are pr0perlyc0mmunicated t0 them.


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