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Last updated: June 26, 2019

n contrast, negative emotions restrain information Flow.Ozmen (2004) aimed to discuss a way of strengthening the awareness and through learning and self – esteem in language classes. So as to answer the questions of his study, the researcher designed a group of activities and lesson plan to show the cognitive therapy technique in practical use. The activities and question –answer sessions were observed and their reflections were positive. Kamra, (2010) concluded that using games is an efficient way to teach English in the classroom. This way you get the best results in the classroom. It arouses students’ motivation. Games prepare young learners for life and they acquire positive social attitudes. Games teach sh aring, helping each other a nd working as a team. A child learns by doing, living, trying and imitating. So, this kind of learning is lasting. During games, some feelings such as the pleasure of winning and the fear of losing may arise. This gives to the teacher an idea about student’s character.

A large body of research is available on games as a general educational tool for children (e.g. Chambers, Cheung, Slavin, Smith, & Laurenzano, 2010). There is also not a shortage of research on games in second language classrooms for children. Research in this area has been conducted for grammar learning (Yolageldili & Arikan, 2011) and vocabulary learning (Chou, 2012). Iran showed greater gains in listening and speaking abilities for the students who played games (Azarmi, 2011). Taken as a whole, the research claims that games are effective learning tools, but that many EFL teachers don’t use them as much as they would like, especially at the secondary levels (Webster ; Mavies, 2011; Chou, 2012).

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