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Last updated: November 27, 2019

My work experience was at Charm Bar & Co in Ingle Farm Shopping Centre. During 25 hours, which was divided into four unpaid days, I was able to develop some of my skills and experience new things, which I had never tried it before. My goal to achieve during 25 hours of work was the literacy, which it covers speaking, writing, confidence and communicating with people. I was able to learn more about the career in business, hospitality and customer service. Unfortunately, I did not enough time to search and find a place, which is related to my future job.

I did achieve all of my goals at my work experience, because the people who are working there were very nice and kind to me, which made me feel confident to ask questions and communicate with them. I have experienced in how to communicate with old people, label the shelves and run the store by myself. However, this career is not my future career, my career goal is to be a successful army woman in the Australian army, a woman who is kind to everybody and her aim is to be strong, and help people who need help! My work experience was so similar to what I thought it would be like, because at jewellery and accessories shop, because I always watched the employers, while they are doing what they supposed to do. The main important thing that I achieved during my work experience was my communication because every day I met new people and I had to ask them if they need help or sometimes they asked me for help.The most important thing that notices about myself is that I am not the type of person to work at a store, because I like to do interesting and fun things, which, however in stores, there are the times that shop gets so quiet and there is nothing to do.

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There were a few skills and attributes that I already learned before starting at my work place, for example, communicating with people, helping and respecting old ones and not to stand back because they are going to give you more work to do. In addition, being on time, wearing the correct clothing/ uniform and being organized, I think these are will help me in my future job.The capability I chose to focus on during my 25 hours of work experience developing this year was literacy, Personal, and Social Capability because these are so important to become successful. When the work experience has been organized, I just tried to communicate with people around me, tried to think about what I was supposed to do and tried to solve problems if there were some. I put away all the stuff that distracts me from my laptop, phone, or the TV. Also during my work experience whenever I was put into a position where I had to explain something or communicate ideas, I tried to use new words, which I learned by reading books at night in order to be clear and help other people understand me. I think the literacy, Critical and creative thinking and Personal and Social Capability development. They helped me to communicate with others at my school and get good grades in exams; also, they helped me with my attitude and behaver at my workplace.

Moreover, this could help me make great conversations in my future job and my life beyond school. I hope to be able to improve my communication skills and develop my English speaking.


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